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SoundCloud – Ways to get better at being a SoundCloud Artist

After so many years, SoundCloud still remains as one of the top music apps in the world. Still used by a lot of people, SoundCloud has been given the nickname of being the “hub for underground music”. You will always find good music on SoundCloud. Being a SoundCloud artist includes uploading your music on SoundCloud, followed by getting likes, shares and reposts on your track. Your SoundCloud followers also make a huge difference.

Now, if you can pay for a yearly subscription, you will have an orange sign next to your SoundCloud name which is the new “SoundCloud Pro” feature providing you with additional benefits such as ad-free listening and better insights.

As mentioned before, Being a SoundCloud artist requires having a number of plays on your songs. This may be difficult today since most users have shifted to apps like Spotify and Apple Music which is why you have the option to buy SoundCloud plays.

Ways to be heard on SoundCloud

Now that you are an artist on SoundCloud, what are some of the ways through which your music can be heard more? Here a few simple factors that may help you.

Things to consider before releasing your music

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is to make sure that you upload high quality audio when releasing your music on SoundCloud. The better the quality of your music, the more people will want to hear your music. Your Album Art should define what the song is about since the album art does attract a lot of listeners. The name of your song should be something different and original to describe you as a musician.

SoundCloud features that can help you

When you put out your music on SoundCloud, you will notice a certain description bar, which should be filled by you. Describe the track in the best way possible and what it means to you. Using hashtags can really help you attract more listeners on your songs. Users on SoundCloud follow hashtags to find a particular genre of songs. This is where your song will be discovered.

Sharing your music

When your music is out, one of the easiest ways for you to be heard is to share your music as much as possible. Take advantage of social media and share your music in all ways possible, whether it be posts, stories or private messages. Don’t compromise when it comes to sharing your music with the rest of the world.

Buying Followers, Likes and Plays

Sometimes it can be difficult to have a lot of plays on your songs. This is when you have the option to buy SoundCloud likes, followers and plays. Websites like Jaynike deliver the desired amount of likes or plays at the earliest along with customer service and complete protection of your privacy. This will help in your SoundCloud growing along with new likes and followers on your profile

Now you can get much better at using SoundCloud by following these factors which will help you grow. Also you can visit here for Instagram guide for social media targeting

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