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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management For Start-ups – Eric Dalius Shares Easy Tips

Start-up businesses usually are pressed for cash and have other challenges as well. Start-ups must address their business challenges and resolve the same. Every brand, including the start-ups, is generating an online buzz about their service and products. What people say about you online is an essential source of information. Managing this social buzz is an integral part of the online reputation management for start-ups. There are times when a brand witnesses’ critical comments.

Today, more than ever, it has become crucial for start-ups to manage their online reputation and leverage from the same. Eric Dalius shares some of the essential tips about online reputation management.

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1. Keep A Tab Of The Online News

Start-ups must know all that is getting generated about them in the online media. Thus, it is necessary to monitor the online business news portals and check for direct and indirect mentions. It will help them to gauge the kind of media stories that are getting generated about their brand. Also, if the start-up business firm has issued a press release, it is necessary to check for direct coverage.

2. Plant Industry Stories

According to Eric J Dalius, start-ups have limited capital sources for outdoor advertising. Hence, they must look at other means to stay within the public gaze and attention. One of the best ways to do that is through industry stories. Start-ups must keep in connection with necessary journalists and so that they can feature in industry stories. It will act as publicity for the brand and will also help to enhance the online reputation. Being part of leading industry stories also increases brand awareness and brand recall value.

3. Keeping A Tab Of Other Market Players

The business landscape is currently operating online because of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Hence, it is essential to keep a tab of what the other market players are initiating. It will help the start-ups to draw a comparison and understand their online reputation management initiatives. Connecting with the online audience and interacting with them isn’t the only way to strengthen their reputation. You can also initiate online events and shows similar to other market players to stay at par with them.

4. Address And Manage A Bad Review

According to EJ Dalius, start-ups need to address a negative review and manage the same. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether there is any grain of truth in the negative review. Hence, start-ups should address the person or people who have shared negative reviews and consider their views valid. Once they have assessed the review’s relevance by conducting necessary checks in their company, they can share a detailed perspective about the same. It will also help the person to change his or her view about the company.

What people tell and know about your brand online is your currency! It would be best if you counted on that and clean-up any negative feedback present online.

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