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PDF DRM Protection

PDF DRM Protection: Preventing The Threat Of Data Hacking

In this article, I am going to talk about PDF DRM protection that you can use in your documents. So let’s start.

By the end of 2021, cybercrime is likely to cost the world US$6 trillion. According to the Official Cybercrime Report, the damages caused by data hacking and cyber-criminal activities will represent one of the most significant transfers of economic wealth throughout history. In 2015, cybercrime cost the world US$3 trillion. Now, with remote working becoming the norm in almost every industry, the rise of cybercriminal activity and corporate espionage that has doubled in just five years will cause further concern to individuals and enterprises.

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The report further reveals that cybercriminal activities are likely to become more profitable than the overall global trade of all the major in legal drugs combined. This is because more and more substantial numbers of criminal organizations and rogue-state-backed terrorist activities are on the lookout to exploit data and advanced geopolitical interests.

The survey also revealed how data hacking damages are likely to double in the coming months. This is not just due to identity theft scams such as the one seen in the 2020 Marriott incident but also uptake in various social engineering attacks such as phishing frauds, ransomware attacks, insecure access to corporate data, insider threats, the workforce intentionally as well as unconsciously exposing login details and confidential information to unprivileged users.

PDF DRM Protection: Preventing The Threat Of Data Hacking

Data infringement costs include not just reputational harm but can impact many aspects of functionalities. These include:

  • Destruction of information
  • Lost productivity
  • Theft of financial credentials and intellectual property
  • Post-incident expenses in lawsuits and legal hearings
  • Disruption to the normal functioning of businesses
  • Forensic analysis and examinations
  • Embezzlement
  • Deletion of confidential data and systems
  • Fraud

As more and more employees are working outside the office perimeter, cyber experts are urging companies across sectors to employ stringent document security measures such as digital rights management (DRM) and spread adequate data security awareness among their workforce. When traveling employees have to work outside the office environment, they could be exposed to minimal data security resources. And in most cases, remote workers may not necessarily have adequate instructional and data security training guidelines if businesses have not reached out to them with security awareness training around data threats. Given all these factors, global data hacking damage costs could double as quickly as the end of 2020.

Since hackers and cybercriminals thrive on real or perceived chaos, it is imperative for organizations to launch preventive document security measures such as PDF DRM on their confidential and sensitive information held in PDF files.

A recent research report from CYFIRMA revealed that hackers are looking to exploit the remote working environment by launching several attacks in order to make financial gains. Through the use of sophisticated phishing campaigns, cybercriminals are now loading their malware with sensitive data exfiltration methods in creating a new variant of malware strains.

PDF DRM Protection: Preventing The Threat Of Data Hacking

To prevent hackers from evolving and seizing quick opportunities and exploiting confidential documents and data, companies must look to implement DRM to secure documents, rather than using outdated access control security systems to prevent criminal activities from taking place.

As the only proactive data security solution, PDF DRM can thwart data hackers’ attempts in stealing information contained in PDF files in the first place. DRM protected content is encrypted securely and bolstered with a stringent data protection policy that specifies strict rules and permissions that determine how document content can be used.

Through DRM, you can monitor how a privileged user is viewing your content. Additionally, you can place controls such as disabling the edit, download, print, saving, or forwarding functions of a document. For any user to access PDF DRM secured data, authentication is needed. In contrast to conventional and outdated data security and access management solutions, DRM protection secures the content and ensures it is safeguarded independently of the device, application, or access location of the data.

PDF DRM Protection: Preventing The Threat Of Data Hacking

The absence of an effective strategy in safeguarding your valuable information could put you at risk of data loss. Every entity or company that holds confidential information stays vulnerable to data security threats that can result in the loss of your prized digital assets, reputational value, and even bankruptcy. This is why it is no longer enough to bank on random virtual private networks or antivirus software to ensure the protection of your sensitive information.

All valuable digital data such as sensitive and confidential documents must have comprehensive data protection to ensure it is protected throughout its lifecycle, such as digital rights management. DRM can ensure your protected data stays safe and compliant while securing the content without impacting productivity. Regardless of whether a trusted insider, business partner, client, or even an unauthorized person gets hold of your data, a DRM solution will ensure that your data is always under your control. Through its robust protection, tracking, controlling, and monitoring functionalities, and most importantly, persistent security of PDF documents and files, you can safeguard your confidential information throughout its lifecycle using DRM security.

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