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How Do I Know It’s Time to Look for a New Real Estate Website Template?

How Do I Know It’s Time to Look for a New Real Estate Website Template?

All things must change and that includes your website design. Since you used a template in the past, it makes sense to start searching and find out what sort of templates are available today. If you need some motivation to begin the search, consider how a new real estate website template could help you deal with these issues.

The Current Template is Beginning to Look Dated

Even with changing some images and making a few other modifications, there’s no getting around the fact that your website looks like it was designed a decade ago. That’s mainly because you purchased that template ten years back. Things have changed now and you need something with a more contemporary look. Doing so will help freshen your online presence and possibly provide some ideas for how to promote the sign redesign using your social media accounts.

And It’s Not Mobile Friendly in the Least

Have you ever viewed your website on a mobile device? What did you think? Was it easy to read and did you have any trouble moving around the site? If the answer to these two questions is no, that means the website isn’t mobile friendly.

Given how many people use their smartphones to conduct searches these days, it’s in your best interests to obtain a template that will display better on a smaller screen. There are plenty of templates today that are designed with mobile devices in mind. They still look great on larger screens, but those who visit your site using the smaller screen will also have a better experience.

The Pages Take Too Long to Load

Some of the problem may be the elements that you added to the template, but there’s also a chance that the aging template is part of the problem. If that seems to be the case, choosing to invest in a new real estate website template will help with the issue. By reducing the amount of resources it takes for each page to populate, you reduce the risk of visitors deciding they don’t have time to wait any longer and moving on to a different website.

Try visiting your site on different devices. If the pages seem to take too long to load, it’s definitely time to make some changes, including a new template.

You’re Ready for a Change

You already know that marketing materials have a short shelf life. In fact, some say that promotional materials should be updated at least once every 18 months. That’s because people get tired of looking at the same old thing.

The same could be said for your website. In fact, you’re getting a little tired of the way it looks. If you’re not happy with it, assume that those who would visit the site frequently may also be in the mood to see something different. A new template, even if you retain much of the same content, will provide a fresher look and keep people interested.

Are you ready for a new template? Start looking today. Take your time and make sure that any template you choose will work well for your business. Once it’s up and running, the time and the effort will be worth it.

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