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Relief Rebate Programs

Relief Rebate Programs to Send Stimulus Check in May 2022

It has been known for several months that there will not be a fourth stimulus check in 2022. There was a general outcry from people who continued to feel the ripples of the COVID-19 financial repercussions. To provide the necessary relief for those individuals and families across the country, new, local programs have been launched. As of now, there is a $300 check that will be sent out at the end of May 2022, and is the outline of the program, and who stands to receive the money.

Who will receive the Relief Rebate program funds?

On April 14th, Delaware governor John Carney passed the 2022 Delaware Relief Rebate Program. According to the governor, “This relief is intended to help Delawareans facing higher prices at the grocery store and gas pump,”As the initial step, the people of Delaware will receive a $300 check at the end of May 2022. The “stimulus check” will be sent to taxpayers who paid taxes in the state of Delaware in 2020, and currently reside in the state.

In a government statement, officials said that “The State of Delaware is working hard to issue the $300 one-time rebate checks to qualifying taxpayers by the end of May 2022.” Everyone that is eligible for the check will receive the same amount of money. This is in contrast to past stimulus check rounds when people received checks based on their income.

How to get the money?

If you are eligible for the Delaware relief check, you do not have to do anything. The checks will be sent out automatically to eligible taxpayers: “This payment will be made to each taxpayer, including those who jointly filed, and taxpayers do not have to take additional action to receive the $300 check,”, said the Delaware government.

Will there be other checks?

It is not yet known if there be an additional relief check in the state of Delaware. Other states have issued statements that there will be relied on checks sent out in the year 2022. Each state that will initiate such a program will decide on its terms, unlike the Federal relief program that established the same terms in each state.

To discover if there is a local relief program in your state, keep posted on local news. There will also be private and social programs that will likely launch this year. Stay tuned to stimuluscheck.io to find out the latest news on the matter, and to learn more about the stimulus check program.

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