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7 SEO KPIs To Audit Your SEO Agency In Gold Coast

As a business proprietor, you do your best to hire an SEO agency that will offer you better ranks and optimizations for SERPs. You even invest your money expecting a greater return in the form of revenue generation. However, apart from your best practices, ranks and online visibility also depend upon the efficiency and working approach of the agency you hire.

An efficient and competent SEO agency can double your revenues within several months of the campaign. But the question is how you will measure the efficiency of your SEO agency. If you are anticipating an outcome, you must know you have invested right. Like there are several SEO KPIs and measuring terms to mark the efficiency of employees, you can also know about the productivity of your SEO agency Gold Coast.

The SEO industry is rapidly evolving. Competition and the use of new strategies can beat when it comes to online marketing. So, in this editorial, you will learn some tricks to determine whether your SEO agency is working accurately. Seven SEO KPIs will help you judge the efficiency of your agency. Here have a look!

How To Audit Your SEO Agency? SEO KPIs To Consider

1. Increasing Use Of Organic Keywords

Organic keywords are those search terms that aid a site to rank higher in an organic search result. You can always measure your agency’s performance based on your results from using organic keywords.

Organic keywords usually offer you results within 4-12 months of campaigning. Further, if your agency is increasingly using organic keywords, it implies that they are making no compromise in SEO efforts. Eventually, with organic keywords, you can expect a surge in traffic to your digital platform. Thus, this is a great KPI to measure your agency.

2. Website Health Score

The website health score is another measuring index that can let you know about the agency. A reliable SEO agency will fix all SEO challenges and enable you to rank higher at SERPs. You can check the website health score to make sure that your SEO Expert is working great. Many advanced tools can aid you in achieving your health score.

3. Referring Domains

Domain referring is an imperative need of SEO. Agencies working for you have to create quality and relevant backlinks that will increase your referrals. You can always measure the surge and changes in referring domains and pages linked to know your agency’s efficiency. Make sure that your agency is employing best practices to defeat your competitors and rank higher.

4. The Surge In Organic Traffic

The surge in organic traffic to your website is another meaningful approach to check whether your SEO agency is working right. Ever since you started your campaign, have you noticed any surge in organic traffic? An efficient SEO agency will offer you organic traffic starting from the 4th month of the campaign.

There are many ways to measure organic traffic to your website. You can use Google Search Console or any other SEO tool.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a comprehensive way to measure the skills of your agency as well. You can run a comparison every month using Google Analytics. The trends will let you know how competently your agency is working for you. You can also cross-check reports asking for reports from the agency and comparing them with your Google analytics.

6. Google Search Console

Google search console is quite similar to that of Google Analytics. You can check out similar trends and compare reports from your SEO agency. However, if you want to use Search Console, you should know all the steps to access it.

7. Third Party SEO Tools

Advanced third-party SEO tools are SEO agencies in themselves. You can always use them for your SEO audit. Using these tools will offer you better exposure to critical data about organic traffic and other data. However, it would be better to rely on the premium tools, as they offer you a detailed report.


Keeping it compact, these are the seven SEO KPIs that will aid you in auditing your SEO agency more effectively. Now that you know all the SEO KPIs, start digging into some data and find out your agency’s competency. We hope this article about 7 SEO KPIs to audit your SEO agency in Gold Coast is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful for you in any manner.

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