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Ways to generate social media leads

5 Ways to generate social media leads


Every marketer’s plan includes social media lead creation, whether they realize it or not. Lead generation through social media is a smart step for marketers that want to strengthen brand image recognition and customer engagement. With over 3.5 billion individuals using social media platforms throughout the world, they are the ideal platform for businesses that want to reach out and acquire new customers. 

If you want to learn how to generate leads using social media platforms, take a look below at our handpicked methods and tips that have proven records of success.

Optimise your pages first

The first step you need to cover is to optimize your business pages. This is one of the essential steps if you want to know how to make your business stand out on Instagram. But this also holds true for other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Customers should be able to use your profile to contact you, join up for your newsletter, shop, and more. On your profile, your contact information should be prominently displayed. Make sure you can reply to client inquiries via phone, email, or Messenger.

Based on your goals, you can choose between different platforms that have distinct profile pieces. If you want more newsletter subscribers, for example, add a Sign-Up button to your Facebook Page. If you’re looking for an appointment, consultation or restaurant bookings, add Book, Reserve, or Get Tickets action buttons to your Instagram or Facebook profiles.

If more specialized options aren’t available, include a link in your bio. This section is popular on Instagram, but it can also be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Social proof is a must in 2022

Social Proofs

Customer testimonials can give you the social proof needed to generate social media leads. You can demonstrate the value of your brand by demonstrating how customers have benefited from your products and services.

People are more inclined to purchase anything after watching a testimonial video that shows how a company, product, or service has benefited someone similar to them. Big firms frequently post interesting video testimonials of how their products and activities have helped individuals.

You can go smaller if this sounds like something out of your reach and capacity. You could collect client reviews and put them into an animated film to offer as social proof for a simpler option.

Your landing pages have to be great

If you’ve persuaded someone to click on your link, don’t disappoint them with a subpar landing page. That’s a terrible way to miss out on an opportunity to grab and convert a qualifying lead. The landing page, for starters, must be relevant. If someone clicks on your link expecting to see a specific product or piece of information, make sure it’s available.

A great landing page will have a consistent design and be easy to skim. It should provide a clear path for consumers to follow while still being personalized. If you have a form on your landing page, make it simple. Each question you add decreases the likelihood of getting a response.

Webinars, hangouts, and live streaming


Hangouts, live videos, and webinars are great ways to generate social media leads. Most businesses hold webinars on a specific topic, asking for pre-registration, aiming to get as many leads as possible. Because the webinar is pre-registered, the majority of participants won’t even attend. However, it will help you get qualifying leads.

Hangouts are gatherings of a few people who are interested in a particular topic. ‘Google hangouts’ is an example. The person who initiates the hangouts has the ability to invite others to participate. Live videos aren’t locked behind a paywall. Businesses utilize them to make announcements, demonstrate their presence at an event, or swiftly respond to a few customer questions.

Businesses can use an in-video promotion or gated content for live videos. They can also guide viewers to their preferred contests and landing pages.

Retargeting ads

Retargeting can help you reengage lost prospects, allowing you to boost your social advertising and lead generation strategies. Let’s imagine someone noticed your ad and went to the landing page, but didn’t complete the form. You can urge them to finish the enrollment process by using retargeting advertising.

Visitors that come to your website via search or other referral sources can potentially be retargeted. You can also retarget people who visit your site frequently but don’t subscribe to your email list. Try putting your retargeting ads in a series for even greater results. For example, an awareness-stage ad could address common pain points and objections.

Furthermore, testimonials and social proof could be employed in consideration-stage advertising to build trust.

Final words

It takes time to generate social media leads. This isn’t a process that can be completed in a single day. Even some experts become perplexed when they are unable to generate social media leads from social media using the best techniques for lead generation. So, you should stay on top of trends, give it a go with new ideas, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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