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Why Is It Important To Keep Your TV Aerial

Why Is It Important To Keep Your TV Aerial

Hey guys, in this article, we will discuss why is it important to keep your tv aerial. So keep reading.

With the rise and demand of streaming services, we can fully accept why live TV is no longer in as high a demand. With the option to watch what you want; when you want on several streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, all through a monthly subscription; we can appreciate why previous live TV lovers have gone elsewhere.

However, if you do prefer streaming services; there is no reason why you should eradicate or forget about live TV completely; in fact, live TV does offer several benefits which are very rarely highlighted, and due to this reason; it is important to ensure that your TVaerial is fully functioning at all times.

Although some homeowners attempt to get rid of their aerial as it is viewed as unaesthetic; it’s time to look at the bigger picture to understand the true importance of live TV.

Free Entertainment

The most important factor to acknowledge about live TV is the fact that it is more or less free entertainment. Freeview is the UK’s free terrestrial television platform; meaning that to access it you must have a quality and fully functioning aerial installed either outside or within your home.

Other than that, TVs manufactured after 2010 should already have a Freeview box built-in meaning that no other purchases are required.

With over 70 channels and around 30 radio stations, Freeview can offer a large variety of entertainment, free of charge; which is suitable for all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Can Be Used For Educational Purposes

Although streaming services do produce an endless variety of content, one thing that they are missing is the news. If you were to get rid of your TV aerial you simply would not have access to this and your only alternative way of finding out information and announcements on local and worldwide circumstances would be online; which can quite often be delayed following the live TV broadcast.

Live news has been exceptionally beneficial to all over the years, but more particularly in the last 2 years as we have been able to gain additional information and updates on the current Coronavirus pandemic; especially when rules and regulations have been announced.

Using the news via live TV is also extremely self-explanatory; particularly for those of older age or those who do not have access to the internet; therefore their TV aerial is a crucial part of their routine.

Alongside this, educational purposes can be applied to children as well. Freeview TV offers a few kid’s channels that cover a variety of academic topics including literacy, numeracy, science, and arts and crafts as well as many others.

This is extremely beneficial for those children who are visual learners and have a hard time listening and learning at school.

Although the combination of TV and young children can be frowned upon; we believe that it can be very beneficial and not only that, it is free learning too!

The Perfect Way To Market And Expand The Audience

The benefits of live TV must also be highlighted from a business or brand perspective, although digital marketing through websites and social media platforms have begun to dominate, live TV is still used as an extremely efficient and successful source of marketing.

Firms can display advertisements throughout programs that can expand their consumer base to bring them more customers. This can benefit the consumer too as without live TV we would not be aware of some of our favorite brands, goods, or services.

Brings People Closer Together

The topic of television is very controversial and the reason is that some see it as a device that is robbing us of social interactions however; others believe that it offers the reverse effect.

We like to see the positive side of the TV and its ability to spark up all kinds of social interaction. This interaction can take place anywhere even online since there are so many multitasking devices available.

Let’s say that you watch your favorite TV show and have any questions you would like to discuss with others; this discussion can easily be taken to family members, friends, or even online social media platforms to communicate with others who also hold an interest in the show.

Or, let’s think about when our favorite reality TV show is broadcast and we decide to invite a few friends around for the night to watch the opening episode.

This is ultimately achieving more social interaction because within this group gathering; not only can you discuss the show, but, you can also socialize out with it as it has brought you all together for the night.

The benefits of live TV are endless and we could simply go on if we had the time however; it is most important to highlight that your TV aerial is not a burden.

Even if you have fully converted to streaming services; you never know when it may come in handy, and for that reason ensure that it is always functioning. For any inquiries click here.

So that’s all from our side. I hope you enjoyed this article on why is it important to keep your tv aerial. If you have any questions about this article; then let me know in the comment section below.

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