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3 Reasons Why You Should Take Up the Combined CompTIA Network+ Class

Are you looking for a well-paying IT job to boost your career prospects? If so, you can choose from a range of CompTIA IT certification courses. Did you know that the CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA A+ build your foundation if you want a career in IT? Whether you are a fresher straight from college or an IT enthusiast, who is looking for a promising career in information technology, these certification courses are your best bet.

In addition to that, you can take of yourself while taking exams in several ways, one of which is sleeping well the night before the day of the test. Studying until late at night before the exam is not a good idea, as it might affect your health. You can take the CompTIA certifications as a combined classroom session. Here is why:

1. Receive The Certification That You Need Quickly

If you are looking for a job change while studying, learn to balance time well when hunting for jobs, going for interviews, and being willing to move from one industry to the most relevant sector that suits your knowledge and skills. Taking up a combined Network+ class will help you do just that.

Instead of postponing your Network+ class for a year or more, taking up a combined course will help you focus on your studies and benefit from your foundational qualifications in a very short time. These days, many employers are looking for candidates with CompTIA A+, as well as Network+ certifications, as benchmarks for IT-oriented roles. This is why a combined course will prepare you in a short time. If you are still wondering whether Network+, is it worth it? or not, the answer is a resounding yes.

Then, these training classes usually run for about 12 days with tests for every course and therefore, call for your maximum commitment. Remember the combined courses have intensive schedules.

2. Combined Classes Are Easy On Your Budget

When you’re looking for a new job after your graduation, the cost is a major problem. Then, when you take up CompTIA A+ as well as CompTIA Network+ classes together, it has immediate as well as long-term benefits, financially.

CompTIA A+ and Network+ courses often come with a discounted course fee, which is a short-term benefit. For example, if you take these classes separately; it will cost you $1,495 each for books, classes, and lab access, which comes to $2,990. However, when you take a combined class, you only pay $2,495, which means a savings of $405. In the long-term, combined classes will help you financially, as you can grab better-paying jobs.

3. Help You Stand Out From The Others During Interviews

When you are trained in both CompTIA A+ and Network+; employers have requirements for entry-level as well as mid-level roles in an IT firm. With a combined course, you stand out from the rest of the candidates during the interview process and stand a better chance of getting the job with the required knowledge and skills.


The combined CompTIA A+ and Network+ class is for you if you like commitment and taking up challenges. That is because it is a speedy and intensive learning process. The certifications will help you develop new IT skills and walk away with a well-paid job.

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