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Beauty WordPress Themes

Top 20 Best Fashion & Beauty WordPress Themes For Business 2024

Beauty is the type of business that was, is, and will be popular at any times. However, while the world develops you have to adapt to its streams. To make it clear, everything is online these days, so, beauty niche is not an exception.

In fact, it is even much easier to promote your biz on the web space. There are a lot of tools and ways that allow you to spread a word about your beauty, SPA, or tattoo salon. Moreover, there is also unnecessary to be a web developer to launch your own website.

There are a lot of ready-made website templates around that provide you with a stunning functionality. To say more, such templates also come with catchy designs, which allows you to create a capturing presentation of your biz. Meanwhile, there is no need to be a programmer or to have coding skills to handle such website templates.

Additionally, we have prepared a whole list of 20 best selling WordPress themes that will help you to upgrade your biz and take your income to the whole another level.

Well, a picture’s worth a thousand words, so, let’s take a closer look at each of these 20 business WordPress themes premium fashion & beauty WordPress themes. Here we go!

Salon WordPress Theme


Juventas is a stylish WordPress theme that will help you to represent your beauty salon from the best side. Every part of this theme is a pure fashion, which allows you to enrich and capture the target audience.


Cosmetic Clinic Stylish WordPress Theme

Cosmetic Clinic Stylish

MagicLab is a type of WordPress themes that have style and captivating design. It is the best solution, that has a mobile-friendly design, to stand out with your cosmetic services.


Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Beauty Salon

The theme has a wonderful design that is able to impress your audience at a glance. Moreover, this WordPress theme comes with social integration. Therefore, clients can tell the whole web community how good your website and services are.


Beauty & Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Beauty & Hair Salon

This theme has an elegant design and a wide range of top-class tools. To say more, it will take you no effort to install and customize this theme up to your needs even you have no coding skills. All the process is intuitive and super easy.


Hair Style WordPress Theme

Hair Style

If you want to upgrade your barber shop, then this theme is at your disposal. It has a marvelous design that will emphasize your services and will clients to fall in love with your site.


Beauty Salon WordPress Theme


Edem is a catchy WordPress theme with a clean design that will highlight your services in the best possible light. In the core, you have an advanced website builder named Elementor. Thanks to this feature you can easily manage and edit your theme with no need to touch a single line of code.


Nail Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

Nail Salon

Looking for a modern and clean-coded theme with an elegant design to promote your nail salon? Take a closer look at PoliNails – modern WordPress theme that allows you to represent your biz in a professional manner.


SPA Salon WordPress Theme

SPA Salon

Represent your relaxing services in a relaxing manner. The theme has a minimalist design with a calm color scheme, which allows you to showcase your business in an exact manner.


Beauty WordPress Theme

Beauty WordPress Theme

If you want to showcase your beauty salon in an elegant manner, then take advantage of this clean WordPress theme. It was developed just for your type of biz, thus, you and your customers will enjoy a sleek design and great functionality that will emphasize your services.


Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

Massage Salon

The theme comes with a wide range of custom widgets. Therefore, you can easily improve the functional range of your site by means of a few clicks. To say more, the theme is Ecwid Ready, so, feel free to add an online shop to your site. It will take you no more than 5 minutes and won’t cost you a single cent!


Barber WordPress Theme


Do you have a barber shop and would like to breathe a new life in it? Check this WordPress theme with the modern inside and stylish outside. Minimalist manner, catchy design, and modern style – that’s what you need to stand out in your niche.


Tattoo Studio Modern WordPress Theme

Tattoo Studio Modern

This tattoo studio WordPress theme was crafted with care, so, you and your audience will have an opportunity to enjoy a sleek design and great functionality. To say more, the theme has a GPL license, thus, you are free to use it for multiple projects.


Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme

Tattoo Salon

InkPress is a great WordPress theme that was built on an Elementor – modern website builder that allows you to edit the theme without any coding skills. Moreover, the theme has an exclusive design that perfectly fits your purposes. So, you are very welcome to showcase your services and biz in general in a stylish and professional manner.


Physical Therapy WordPress Theme

Physical Therapy

Represent your services in a professional manner with this modern theme. The theme was crafted with care and comes with a wide range of tools and features to help you to build a high-quality website.


Skincare Services WordPress Theme

Skincare Services

Elegant design of this theme will perfectly emphasize your services and will showcase your salon from the best light. To say more, the theme is pre-loaded with lots of features. For example, Appointment Manager allows your clients to book an appointment by means of a few clicks.


Beauty Salon Elegant WordPress Theme

Beauty Salon Elegant

Stephania is a marvelous beauty salon theme that has an elegant design and eye-catchy shapes. It comes with a whole bunch of Cherry plugins, including a gallery plugin. So, you can highlight the best services and works in a stylish and professional manner.


Beauty & SPA Salon WordPress Theme

Beauty & SPA Salon

The theme has a clean design with an exact color scheme that is the most suitable for your type of business. Additionally, the design is mobile-friendly, so, it fits any screen size whatever digital gadget it is.


Massage & SPA Salon WordPress Theme

Massage & SPA Salon

The theme comes with a Live Customizer, which allows you to manage the theme and make any changes in a live-time mode with no need to reload the page. In fact, this theme also licensed under GPL 3, which means that you are very welcome to use it for various projects.


Beauty Services Stylish WordPress Theme

Beauty Services Stylish

Bloomie is an elegant WordPress theme that comes with a wide range of additional pages. Thus, you can add more information about your company and services. Moreover, you can also showcase your services in a stylish gallery.


Tattoo Salon Modern WordPress Theme

Tattoo Salon Modern

The theme has a lot of modern features that will help you to build a creative website that capture the target audience. In addition, you are very welcome to highlight the best projects, works, and tattoos in an eye-catchy gallery.


No doubts, these fashion & beauty WordPress themes are the best way to enrich and capture the target audience. In addition, these themes are easy to use, which makes them super user-friendly, whether you have coding skills or no.

To say more, these 20 best fashion & beauty WordPress themes have a great functional range and a stylish design. Thus, clients will fall in love with your site at a glance. So, there is one last step to your success. Take one of these themes and take your biz to the next level! Good luck and stay tuned for more!

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