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Top 5 Selling WHMCS Modules You Must Use In Your WHMCS Website

In this article, I have listed the top 5 selling WHMCS modules you must use on your WHMCS website. so keep reading.

Are you tired of managing the daily operation of your web hosting business?

Do you feel exhausted while doing extra work for the business, and hence cannot concentrate on primary work?

Is the process of billing and operations consuming a lot of your time?

Well, I understand. Owning a web hosting business requires a lot of tasks to be covered. Manging all of them with less help from employees can be very hectic.

But, what if I tell you that now, you can focus on your primary business and let the other work be handled by software?

This means, you don’t have to spare extra time for other work and also, you have total control over the software. This magic software is WHMCS.

As you are working in the web hosting business, you must already know about WHMCS.

If you don’t, then here I will explain what is WHMCS and how it makes your web hosting business work hassle-free.

WHMCS is an automated software that is precisely developed for web hosting businesses.

In short, I will say, it is software that processes your billing automatically.

So, if you own a business or planning to start a web hosting business then WHMCS is a must-have for you.

It has a wide range of WHMCS templates, WHMCS modules, etc.

Now, when you know about WHMCS, you might be thinking about where to get one.

It is always a better option to rely on the trusted WHMCS provided.

Hence, from my experience, I do recommend opting for WHMCS Global Services.

Brief About WHMCS Global Services (WGS)

WHMCS Global Services is working in the industry since 2010. They are third-party vendors with global tech leaders and also offer WHMCS template customization.

WGS understands that every business has different expectations and working nature. So, it is very important to fit in with their expectations. Thus, instead of just delivering you the template or module they focus on providing the WHMCS template customization that fits right for your business.

The WHMCS template customization takes care of your business operations and makes it smooth working with all automated billing and other time-consuming work.

WHMCS Global Services is a one-stop solution for all WHMCS related issues, tasks, services, and support. Along with all these, they provide outstanding features WHMCS modules and also takes the responsibility of adding more functionalities into your WHMCS.

Want to know more about WHMCS modules?

Here are top-selling WHMCS modules from WHMCS Global Services

1. VMware WHMCS Module:

VMware is a fully automated WHMCS module. Using this module reduces 90% of your IT work per person. It is an automated module, so once the user orders service you as an admin don’t need to create any VM manually.

To use VMware, you don’t even need to install any specific operating system. The network adapter also gets managed itself so that once all the provisions are done, the module sends all details to the end-user.

WGS enhances its features by providing a rich client area UI where user gets easy access to manage and control to start, stop, reinstall the server and even to manage the server snapshot.

Features of VMware are:

  • Auto-provisioning
  • Configurable Options
  • VM management features
  • User-friendly console
  • WHMCS IP Manager
  • Client portal
  • Allows third-party installation
  • AGL to manage client area services

2. SoYouStart WHMCS Module (SYS)

SoYouStart is an idle option for Dedicated/VPS reseller web hosting businesses. It is a server management module that allows you to make the most prominent use of your server resources.

Are you planning to start VPS or Dedicated Server Reselling Business?

Then you must know about the SoYouStart WHMCS module by WGS.

The SoYouStart WHMCS module saves your hardware infrastructure cost so that you can start the business right from your place without any hassle.

The module allows users to resell OVH, SYS, and Kimsufi VPS/Dedicated servers, to make more money. SoYouStart module is a powerhouse of all VPS and dedicated hosting business needs.

The good news is, you can make extra money by reselling these modules under your brand name. All the WHMCS modules under SYS can be sold using White-labeled, with an option to set an admin margin on all products.

Features of OVH VPS/Dedicated server module are:

  • ACL supported
  • Automatic provisioning
  • Auto-Renewal/Suspend/Unsuspend
  • Real-time installation status
  • White label email piping
  • KVM viewer
  • Power Control

3. WHMCS Cloudflare Module

WHMCS Cloudflare module by WGS gives is a perfect cloud-based solution. It gives you an outer edge the other web hosting providers with the safety of the cloud.

WGS also allows its WHMCS Cloudflare module users to reseller this plan on their WHMCS website. This means, now you can reseller the DNS services of Cloudflare for free and make some extra bucks from it.

Benefits of the WHMCS Cloudflare module are:

  • Unlimited DDoS mitigation
  • Prevention from data hacking
  • Speeds up Internet applications
  • Saves server bandwidth
  • Offers free SSL and CDN

4. WGS Nextcloud Module

The Nextcloud module allows user to set up their own cloud storage for public and private servers.

WGS Nextcloud module eliminates all your manual work and also gives authority to reseller the cloud space to your customers.

Best features of the WGS Nextcloude WHMCS module are:

  • Reseller package – to create a reseller package under your brand name.
  • Predefined Group & Quota – useful for individuals who need custom storage plans.
  • Nextcloud WHMCS App – for communication between WHMCS and Nextcloud.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade packages – easy to upgrade/downgrade any plan, and the invoice automatically gets generated as per the selection.
  • Nextcloud WHMCS provisioning module – allows to automatically create Nextcloud users within specified group and quota from WHMCS.
  • Nextcloud Single click sign-in and Email address – login to Nextcloud account with a single click from WHMCS client area.
  • Manage multiple servers, groups, and new users.

The product lists don’t finish here. Yes, as I said before WHMCS Global Services (WGS) provides you everything needed under WHMCS services. WHMCS templates are widely used products and some of the best selling templates from WGS are:

One Step Checkout Orderform

WHMCS One Step Checkout Orderform offers a highly refined checkout experience.

Most of the time, your customers don’t purchase products just because they find the checkout option irritating. Thus, it is your duty to welcome and bid a bye smoothly, so that they won’t hesitate to come again.

Thus, WHMCS order form templates like One Step Checkout Orderform boosts the checkout process for your WHMCS store by offering a fully responsive layout, multiple businesses support, and fast UI/UX.

Using One Step Checkout Orderform you can set country-based payment gateways.

Using WHMCS order form templates you can set payment gateway icons from WHMCS admin.

It offers an inbuilt GeoIP currency changer, that makes your international transactions feasible.

Mini cart mobile responsive is an added advantage.

Provides detailed order summary.

Isn’t it all you need to run a web hosting business?

Looking for more such products and options?

Then, head to the WHMCS Global Services Website and get thousands of options to choose from.

Other useful WHMCS order form templates are HostX Web Hosting theme with WHMCS, 20X WHMCS Client Area template, and ClientX WHMCS client area template.


WHMCS products are very useful for the smooth functioning of a business. The automatic process saves a lot of time and energy that a business owner can use for primary business work.

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