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5 Advantages of Outsourcing Game Development

According to XDS Report shared in 2020, 97% of game publishers and developers predicted that the need for game outsourcing would greatly increase over the years. This followed the DFC Intelligence reports in mid-2020, which found that about 40% of the world, i.e., 3.1 out of the 8 billion people in the world, consume video games. With more people consuming games, there is every need to consider services from the best game development experts. As of November 2021, Ukraine and East European countries have the most outsourced game development teams since they are both affordable and produce high-quality games with fewer bugs. When released in the market, such video games perform well, expand producers’ profit margin, and demand little to no extra input. But what drives game developers to outsource experts? Let’s see.

i.  Save costs

In any business adventure, including game development, the main drive is to expand profit margin at the end of the day, and how much profit a company can make largely depends on how much it can save. Game outsourcing has proved to help companies save costs because of several reasons. For example, outsourcing game development experts costs less than the amount a company needs to recruit designers, artists, engineers, programmers, and developers to close the process. Besides, onboarding and training the game developers do not happen without financial implications, especially because the host has to pay for office space renting fees. However, a game development company can save as much as 25% to 50% of the original costs with strategic outsourcing. Ukraine and Eastern European countries charge a $46,000 annual fee (salary + management fees) per person, while in USA and Australia, the same experts charge $100,000, showing that who you outsource equally matters.

ii.   Save time

In-game development, time-saving is a critical skill. Of course, the skill matters in other fields, but it is exceptionally significant in game development. The longer the time you take working on the game, the more the costs you will imply. Besides, as you unnecessarily waste time on the game, you are directly eating into the time you would use to market it, showing how much a game development company values time. However, game outsourcing guarantees a company that it can save time in several ways. First, recruiting individual experts who will make up the team is not only expensive but also time-consuming. On the other hand, sourcing a team with all the needed experts saves time because it’s an all-in-one shoot. Besides, while outsourcing game development experts, a company strives to source professionals and a team with excellence and a reputation that will deliver nothing but quality work. High-quality games with few bugs will not waste time in terms of clearing bugs just before launching. As if that’s not enough, a team with enough well-versed members will typically work on a project faster than the host organization because every individual in the team has just what he can handle on his plate.

iii. Deliver high-quality results

There is practically nothing new in the modern world, and anything a company does, there must be another company working on the same thing. This is also true for game development, which has hundreds, if not thousands of companies working on new video games. This means that as much as the demand for games is high, the competition is equally stiff, and only companies that produce high-quality games will remain standing in the market. Yet, game outsourcing guarantees a company a competitive advantage before other companies, especially if the host outsources a reputable company. For instance, Melior Games is one of the most outsourced game development teams because of its good reputation and excellence over the years. It has worked on multiple web and mobile applications for video games, all of which have stood ahead of the rest and gained a competitive advantage. Conversely, an internal team that does not have well-versed individuals may produce shady work and lose out in the market, but all this can be evaded by outsourcing the right game development team.

iv. Maximize flexibility

Game development is a critical process that requires a lot of flexibility. At the beginning of it, there is the planning phase, during which the team draws the sketch of what is to be done on all stages. However, from time to time, the team will realize that this or that area needs adjustment, and without flexibility, it might stick to the same thing and waste a lot of time. This is where a company that outsources an excellent game development team takes the cake. It can enjoy a wide margin of flexibility regarding the adjustments to be made, resources to be incorporated, and what to be reduced. Besides, outsourcing game development companies allows a team to enjoy flexibility by choosing whom it wants to work with, which resources it needs, and what to be cut out from the project. Lastly, game outsourcing also guarantees the host organization staffing flexibility through which it can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

v. Reduce overheads and risks

Outsourcing game development experts also enables a company to reduce overheads and risks. For instance, since the host organization does not need to work with its internal team, it saves itself the overheads of getting new hardware and software, which the outsourced team typically gets. In addition, an organization saves itself of many risks by opting to outsource game development experts. This includes the risk of producing low-quality games that will result in multiple recurring bugs, paying additional taxes since the outsourced company takes responsibility for this, and suffering stress when everything gets out of hand. Besides, since the host works with its budget, it saves itself the stress of spending more than it can produce.


With the increasing demand for games every other day, game development companies seek outsourced services, and the demand is estimated to increase by more than 97%. As it is, a company can benefit greatly by seeking third-party services. It can save cost and time, produce high-quality games, maximize flexibility, and reduce overheads and risks.

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