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SQL Server to MySQL Converters

About SQL Server to MySQL Converters

SQL Server to MySQL Converters: Software companies constantly release new migration tools because of growing demands to migrate data between popular database management systems. Because of these advanced, efficient solutions, many organizations consider migrating their databases from proprietor DBMSs like SQL servers to open-source equivalents like MySQL. A popular method to migrate either a whole database or individual tables from SQL Server to MySQL is using an advanced migration tool that can automate migration with just a few clicks of a button.

Among the many benefits of using the advanced migration tool, it should support the 2014, 2016, and 2019 versions of SQL Server. It should also be compatible with Windows MySQL—MariaDB and Percona—Unix and Linux. In fact, some converters can be so flexible and functional that they offer extra support to cloud variations of SQL Server database management systems such as Azure SQL.

About SQL Server to MySQL Converters:

Here is list of generic features that are required from advance SQL Server to MySQL converter:

  1. Intelligent data processing in accordance with MySQL destination format.
  2. Conversion of MS SQL views into the format of MySQL.
  3. SQL Server data types are supported.
  4. All necessary attributes of tables definitions, indexes, primary keys, and constraints are accurately converted.
  5. Command line for scripting and scheduling of conversion is appropriately supported.
  6. Overwriting, merging, and synchronization of MS SQL data is made with an existing MySQL table.
  7. Unicode support
  8. OS Windows 10 and 11, Server 2019 and 2022 are fully supported
  9. The graphical interface is user-friendly.
  10. Support for installation and uninstall is guaranteed.

Database conversion software is expensive, but SQL Server to MySQL types vary from small to thousands of dollars. Although the conversion quality and technical support may be compromised; a high-performance converter with basic features can be had for as low as $50.

Intelligent Converters has developed a tool called MSSQL-to-MySQL, which caters to database migration and meets all the requirements listed above. The benefits of using this tool for SQL Server to MySQL database migration exceed the basic functionalities due to the following significant advantages:

SQL Server to MySQL Converters

1. Export of data into SQL script file

Sometimes, the target MySQL server does not allow remote connections. A simple workaround for such situations is to export SQL Server data into a local script file. This file will contain SQL statements to create tables and all necessary constraints and indexes. Also, they will be SQL statements to fill created tables with the required data. The database administrator must import the script file to the target MySQL server using standard tools such as phpMyAdmin.

2. Data pre-processing before migration

Some migration tasks may require data filtering or merging multiple tables into a single one. For this purpose, the SQL Server to MySQL converter offers to migrate the result of SELECT queries as if it were a regular table. Those queries are run against the source SQL Server database, and then the tool obtains the resulting rowset and migrates it to MySQL format.

3. Modification of name or type of destination database

Column mapping is a compelling feature that allows one to customize column attributes such as name, type, and default value in the resulting MySQL database. Use this capability carefully because setting incorrect column types may damage the corresponding table.

As you may see from this article, SQL Server to MySQL converters can significantly simplify overall database migration and give the procedure more flexibility due to their extra capabilities. Intelligent Converters offers a free trial version of MSSQL-to-MySQL to allow users to evaluate the product before purchasing it. You can find more about the product on the official vendor’s site.

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