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Speed Up Your WordPress Website

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the best and easy to use CMS (Content Management System) for the last 15 years. Now more than 10 million websites are using WordPress. But with many advantages, there is one weakness also WordPress speed is quite slow. The site with more data, results becomes less efficient. Speed matters with each website regardless of using WordPress or not. But now you do not have to worry, because, in this post, I will tell you that how to speed up your WordPress website.

According to the report of Search Engine; if a website takes more than 8-9 seconds to open a page then 50% readers close the site before it is open. That is, there is a first impression for your site open speed users, and they say that the first impression is the last impression.

A speed of the site is also very good for SEO. Google has also added the speed of its ranking algorithm site, meaning that if the site is open slow then that site will never be able to get a good position in the search ranking of Google, due to which the readers are also less accessible Will find Now you have come to understand that how fast is the speed of the site because the slow speed affects the SEO of your site which can harm your website. You can use any of the tools given below to check the Speed Up Your WordPress Website of any page of the website.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website:

  • Pingdom Tools
  • GTmatrix
  • Google PageSpeed Insights

1- Minimize HTTP Requests

According to Google, when a user requests a web page; only 80% of time web pages are loaded to load parts like images, style sheets, scripts etc. Every HTTP request web page is made up of all these parts, that is; the more parts of the webpage it will take more time to render on the browser. To minimize the HTTP request, firstly reduce the parts of your site web pages (images, style sheets, scripts, and videos), that is, if you have multiple files of CSS style sheet on your site then combine them together. Try to use JavaScript for minimal use and insert script files into page bottom and add images and videos only when needed. After doing all these things, it will take very little time for your webpage to get render on the browser.

2- Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript

It is very easy to create web pages through WYSIWYG Editors but they make the code of our web page very messy; apart from this, we also give tabs and spaces to make the code more readable while coding the web page. These tabs and spaces make the code more readable for humans but increase the process for servers and browsers. Without spaces and tabs, the server and browser are fast processed without any error.

Minify is a process in which the web pages are loaded with no need for things such as white space characters; new line characters, comments, block delimiters etc. And load time of your web page. You can minimize this work in which you will be very time free or you can use WP Minify; W3 Total Cache or optimize etc.

3- Install Cache Plugin


Cache plugins help in greatly increasing the speed of WordPress site These plugin store posts, pages and some parts of your site server that are the same on every page and posts on the site. Since all the readers visit your website again; these files are not loaded and web pages of your site are loaded quickly.

Caching your visitors to your site and those visitors who visit several pages of the site is very helpful for them. There are many plugins for caching on WordPress but most and most of the bloggers like those of W3 Total Cache Plugin are among those plugins; so I would recommend you W3 Total Cache Plugin for Caching. In addition to this plugin, you can also try the WP Super Cache plugin.

4- Compress Images

You must have heard that an image is equal to thousands of words so images in the posts must be important. Images users interact more with the site but this does not mean that you put lots of images in your site and pages because the image size is the highest in a site due to which the speed of your site is slow May be.

There is a lot of tools on the internet for the solution to this problem; through which you can compress your images. You will also find lots of plugins on WordPress, but WP Smash It Plugin is most popular in those plugins because you compress the size of your images too much and they also spoil the quality of the image.

I hope you like this post and now you can easily speed up your WordPress website. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post; then comment below and share this post with your friends.

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