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Build A Successful Retail Website

How To Build A Successful Retail Website For Your Business

In this article, we will discuss how to build a successful retail website for your business. And the important features that many retailers simply forget when building their online store. So keep reading.

When building an online retail page, there are lots of things that developers will need to remember. Whether it’s pictures of the products, a clear way of searching for a particular product, or even a checkout page, the website simply wouldn’t function without these vital features.

In addition, there are a number of different pages that, while they aren’t as vital, could still have a big impact on your sales.

Here’s a look at some of the important features many retailers simply forget when building their online stores. And we will tell you how to build a successful retail website for your business.

Finding Ways To Chat To Their Potential Customers

Just because a store is based online doesn’t mean that you can’t create a relationship with your customers. For example, back a few decades ago, it’s highly likely that customers would use the same few shops to buy all of their goods.

Furthermore, it’s highly likely that because they saw them so regularly, they might even build up relationships with the people serving them behind the counter and feel like they cared that they were getting the best product available.

At the very least, customers felt like there would be a sales assistant there who could help them out with advice if they weren’t sure whether a product was the right one for them.

When online shopping became popular, that human interaction dropped significantly. Nowadays, if you want to ask a retailer a question, you’re limited to dialing them up on the phone or even just sending them an email or filling out a contact form and waiting days for a response.

The slowness and the extra effort it takes to get hold of someone who could answer this question means that many customers will simply decide against purchasing a product and clicking off the website without spending any money at all.

Luckily, there is a way to make this human interaction a lot easier, even if your store is based online. By incorporating a live chat window, you can emulate that shop assistant who steps in to ask whether a customer needs help.

This feature simply pops up in the corner of the customer’s screen and asks them whether they need any help. If they decide they do need help, all they need to do is simply type a response to that instant chat message that can be automatically sent to every single customer that visits the website.

That message is then sent either directly to you or another member of your customer service team. There are versions of this live chat app that are even built for Android devices, which means you can access and reply to these messages from a tablet or even a smartphone.

Once you get the notification, you can then reply to it as simply as you would any other text message. Then the answer will appear directly on the same product page that the customer is currently viewing.

Answering Those Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that some potential customers ask may be so specific to a certain feature of a certain product that you have to delve deep into the instruction manual to find the answer.

On the other hand, some questions are a lot more common: you find yourself asked them time and time again every day of the year.

To reduce the need for customers to have to waste your time and ultimately their time asking these questions, it’s important to include a frequently asked questions page on any website.

Like the title of the page suggests, this should give clear answers to some of the most regularly asked questions of the brand. For example, this page should give clear information on exactly how the product will be delivered and how quickly a customer can expect it to arrive once they’ve ordered it.

It should also contain information about the ethics of the company. For example, whether the company has any schemes to make sure their products are made in factories that pay their workers a fair wage or whether a company has the scheme to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Customers are becoming more and more concerned about the ethics of any company they spend their money with, so they may want to know the answers to these questions before spending any money with a brand.

A Subscription Box

Often a retailer can be so concerned about attracting new customers that they miss out on another, often a much larger group of potential customers. This group is the customers who have already shopped with them once and could shop with them again in the future.

That’s why it’s so important that when somebody’s either visited your page for the first time or even made their first purchase, you need to make sure they return to the website again. The most effective way to do this is to be able to send them emails offering them discount codes and informing them of the latest products and promotions that are available on your website.

Of course, the only way you can send them this all-important information is if you manage to get them to send you their email address in the first place. That’s why it’s so important to include a subscription box on every website.

Many brands include these at the bottom of every single page. Some even offer to send a personalized discount code to anybody who simply enters their email into the subscription box to convince them to sign up for their emails.

While this discount code might mean they lose a small bit of profit from their next order, if a company can build a strong relationship with a customer, they’ll easily earn that money back.

Social Media

As well as getting their email address, it’s also highly valuable to encourage any customer to follow your social media pages.

Instead of making them visit separate web pages or apps and having to search for your brand, make sure there is a simple link that will take them straight to your social media page so they can subscribe instantly.

If a customer sees the iconic Facebook F, Twitter bird, or Instagram camera, they’ll know that they’ll be taken straight to your social media page by clicking on it.

So that’s all from this article. I hope you liked this article on how to build a successful retail website for your business. And the important features that many retailers simply forget when building their online store. Also, if you like this article then, please share it with your social media friends such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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