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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Does Your Company Need A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

Breaches in cybersecurity for companies of all types are becoming more and more frequent in recent years, and it’s only forecasted to increase in the years to come. Due to these forecasts, cybersecurity has become increasingly necessary for every company with systems and employees that could be vulnerable. Now, how do you protect and prepare your systems against breaches? First, you have to conduct a fresh cybersecurity risk assessment. The next step is to figure out what to do once you have identified all of the vulnerabilities and risks.


Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity risk assessments are deep dives into your online systems that evaluate and determine your level of risks within those systems or processes. Once all of the threats are discovered, they are sorted and filtered based on their level of risk. From here, your development or cybersecurity team will make the next decisions about how to approach improving the security of your online systems.

Risk assessment and risk management are often confused with each other; but it’s important to know the key difference between the two. Risk assessment is the active method of identifying and prioritizing risks. On the other hand, risk management often refers to addressing risks after they are identified.

Can Cybersecurity Threats Really Be That Bad?

Cybersecurity threats are both severe and prevalent in nearly every online company today. Some estimates say that a cyberattack is launched up to 2,200 times a day, or once every 39 seconds.

The raw number of total cybersecurity breaches has decreased in the last couple of years; however, the severity of the breaches has increased greatly, costing some businesses millions of dollars to fix what is lost. Companies also have to worry about the backlash from their customers. And from the public after news of the breach is made public.

Now What?

Now that you have a better idea of the importance of cybersecurity assessments and management, the next step is to find a company to conduct the initial assessment. Look for a company with great reviews and get your cybersecurity in order sooner rather than later.

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