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Some Common Problems with Rich snippet

-Mumazzad Ahmed, Blogger and SEO specialist on OWDT

Rich snippet is a kind of coding that helps a content to describe itself to Google. It’s a kind of data structure. Some of us may know how to code rich snippets. But there are some tiny errors we face when we start coding with a rich snippet. These problems mainly occur when we start coding for WordPress sites. Let’s see what kind of problem we generally face and how to get rid of it.

No.1 Price Range (price range) Problem

This problem occurs when we start coding with local business. When we declare the type of the business is a local business and we put every information on our structure and then run it on Google data structure testing tool we face that the price range is missing.

Now some of us may ask, we already have declared price attribute with an offer or something like that then why we should put that price range again.

Good question. Now my answer to that question will be, Google always wants to see “price range” to their markup cause its default by Google. Now the next problem is how you can put down this price range go Google.

If you write like this then you can put down price range to your data structure.

Let’s move on our next problem

No.2 ‘blogPosting’ error (logo.height or logo.width)

Basically, this problem mostly occurs when you put down your code without knowing how to put ‘blogPosting’ data and where to put it.

When you are going to code with blog posting then most of us forget to declare about logo specification.

But when we remember that we simply want to link our logo with the data structure. Then we again try to validate our code but find that our code has still a problem. Now let’s get out of it.

Just declare your logo as an ‘imageObject’ and that’s it. Now you can simply write down your ‘logo.height’ and ‘logo.width’ and if you don’t want you can also skip them.

No.3 hentry problem

This problem mostly faces those people who use WordPress as their website platform. Basically, they face with missing: author, missing: title, missing: updated etc. You might face this problem if you don’t have proper web security.

You will face this problem if your ‘single.php’ file is not completed with structured data. Cause hentry is quite different from the rich snippet.

For missing: author:

  • Find <span class=”author_name”><?php the_author(); ?></span>
  • Replace it with <span class=”vcard author author_name”><span class=”fn”><?php the_author(); ?></span></span>

Basically, this problem happens when an author is not declared.

And for the other ones, the reason is your code is incomplete or sometimes your code is not put down.

Thanks for reading. Hope you will be helpful with this topic.

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