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Top 10 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Web Designers and Developers

Website design and development is a multifaceted part of the IT sector. Any programmer, who designs and develops beautiful websites for his clients, needs to cover a lot of bases to develop a great website. There are several productivity tools available for web designers and developers to help them out to be more efficient at their work. Productivity tools basically increase your workflow efficiency by making time-consuming tasks simpler and the effect can be seen in the results.

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Productivity tools are the best companion for the designers and developers because they reduce the stress level and enhance the hourly output. If you are a designer or a developer and want to know about the best productivity tools, which for sure can enhance your productive results, then just keep reading. There are many Web Development Service providers you can prefer those also for development.

On the first Spot, we have…

Toggl – Productivity Tools

As for the web designers who work as freelancers and grab the projects from outsourcing, this tool is very helpful for them because Toggl is a time tracking tool that inspires you to deliver every task on time. This time tracking tool comes with a reminder that alerts you for your tasks. As you know, time is money.


Evernote is a very simple tool that lets web designers make notes for various little tasks. If in some cases they failed to remember, Evernote is there for them. We can store long texts, hard to read codes, phone numbers, topics to remember while a business call, and many other things in Evernote.

Google Docs

I am a writer and I know the importance of Google Docs for official use. Google Docs is one of the best online office suites. Web developers can receive website content in text formats just by sharing a link with the writers. It works as a mutual writing pad for many people, operating different devices. Moreover, WordPress developers can share presentations with their clients just by sharing a link.


In a web development project, team coordination is the only thing that plays the most important role. Trello is a collaboration tool that allows other team members to comment, add attachments. And due dates to place their point on any subject in Trello’s lists, boards, and cards. It is fun to use this tool.


LastPass is also a very useful tool for WordPress developers because it helps them to save the passwords of online platforms. Being a WordPress developer, they WP-login to their clients’ websites, and LastPass lets them help to keep the password safe. The “Pass” in LastPass is for Password.

Sketch or Adobe XD

I have placed Sketch and Adobe XD at the same place on this list because they are both used to create web design mockups. Both tools are used by making prototypes for clients’ websites. The difference is that Sketch is best for iOS platforms and Adobe XD is for Windows Platform.

Code Editors

Without any Code Editor, a web developer can’t be successful in any case. This is because they are the most important tool that an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editor need. I am including all the Code Editor tools at this point such as Notepad++, TextWrangler, Sublime Text, BBEdit, and UltraEdit.


If you are part of a WordPress development company, you might be coming across dozens of projects every week and you need to build many websites. This tool helps you to reduce the time-consuming work of installation WordPress, base themes, and plugins. And allowing you to make custom WP setup in a breeze.


Duplicator is a WordPress migration plugin. You just need to install and activate this plugin and make the zip file of your site design and upload it to a server. You are able to keep the back up of your site.


There is an important role of relevant images in a dynamic website. Unsplash is an amazing productivity tool that helps developers to find the stock of the images to make the web site more engaging. With Unsplash, you can get copyright-free, free of cost, high-quality images at one point.

I hope these tools will help you increase your productivity and help you be more efficient in your work.

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