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recycling Your Old Cell Phone

Important tips to Keep in Mind When recycling Your Old Cell Phone

Choosing to Recycling Your Old Cell Phone an excellent way to go – not only is it great for the environment, but it will also help you recoup some of your initial expense. Recycling old mobile phones requires more than finding a company that will take it off your hands. Here are some important tips to make sure that you get the most out of the deal:

Don’t just sell to the first mobile phone recycling company you come across – there are many companies that are in this field now, so it helps to compare two or three quotes.

  • The recycling company will ask you to describe the condition that your phone is in before they give you a quote. You may be tempted to understate the damage. It doesn’t help – even if you get a high quote initially the company will examine the phone once they receive it and adjust your quote.
  • If your phone is very old you may have trouble finding a company that is willing to buy it from you so you may have to find other ways to recycle it. Ask your local authority the best way to recycle old electronics.

Lastly, take care of your phone while you have it – it is the best way to get good value for it when you recycle it.

Important tips

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