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Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify Dropshipping: 10 Leading Apps for Savvy Resellers

The e-commerce industry is growing a lot more in recent years, more so now when people can only rely on online shopping for their essentials. In this article, You will find the 10 Best Leading Apps for Savvy Resellers for your successful Shopify dropshipping stores.

It has shown people that businesses need to be more open to shifting towards the online environment. Plus, it showed us that members of the postal service and those who deliver our goods are essential to our lives.

On that note, running an online business is becoming a more viable and cost-effective option. You don’t even have to rent a warehouse to store your items. That’s because you can forward the orders to the manufacturer, and they can ship it to your customers for you.

This type of selling is called Dropshipping. If you want to resell products to a variety of people, then dropshipping is the way to go.

Dropshipping is quite easy to do. There are even apps available that make it easier for you to Shopify Dropshipping, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms for sellers.

Here are ten of the leading apps that will be useful in case you opt to do Shopify Dropshipping

1. Oberlo

Oberlo helps you export AliExpress products to your Shopify Dropshipping store. It’s quite user-friendly to smaller-scale online business owners because it has a free plan called Starter. It doesn’t have a lot of the features of the paid programs, and the product limit is only up to 500. However, it’s sufficient for someone who’s only starting.

If you want to scale up, Oberlo offers two paid plans: Basic and Pro. The Basic Plan is $29.90 a month and a 10,000 product limit. The Pro Plan is $79.90 a month. It’s better for bigger businesses with staff since the product limit is up to 30,000. Plus, it allows multiple staff accounts access to it.

2. Spocket

Spocket is an excellent dropshipping app that’s excellent for resellers who want suppliers that come from the US, UK, and EU. There are also suppliers from New Zealand and Australia. This app also integrates into Shopify and WooCommerce.

Unlike Oberlo, Spocket doesn’t have a free plan. However, it offers a 14-day free trial for all of the programs available.

It also has a more affordable Starter plan that costs about $19 a month. Other available plans are Pro, Empire, and Unicorn. These three plans all have a monthly and annual payment plan.

The Pro plan costs $49/month if billed monthly or $33/mo if billed annually. The Empire plan costs $99/month or $69/month annually. Lastly, the Unicorn plan costs $299/month or $165/month annually.

Obviously, it’s a lot cheaper to avail of the yearly plan for these three.

3. Modalyst

Modalyst is another dropshipping software that works well with Shopify Dropshipping, but also with Wix and BigCommerce. It also gives you access to plenty of products for your shop through their AliExpress partnership.

Modalyst has three pricing plans: Hobby, Start-Up, and Pro. The Hobby plan is a free plan for people who are only starting their shop. However, you can only add up to 25 products and won’t have access to Premium supplies.

The Start-Up plan costs $30 or $35 a month. It has a 250 product limit and still doesn’t have access to premium suppliers. The Pro plan costs $67 or $90 a month and allows access to both premium suppliers and you can add as many products as you can.


MXED is a more niche e-commerce dropshipping app that also connects with Shopify Dropshipping. It’s excellent for Shopify resellers who want to be able to sell licensed pop-culture merchandise and other items.

Since it’s a lot more challenging to sell pop-culture merch without dealing with the legalities, MXED is an excellent middleman.

MXED has three payment plans available: Noob, Pro, Expert. Noob is available for free, but you can only access ten products and 20 orders per month. The Pro plan costs $50 for 250 products and 500 orders a month. The Expert plan costs $99 a month for 500 products and an unlimited number of orders a month.

5. AliExpress

A lot of dropshipping apps access AliExpress products for their store. If you feel you can handle processing the steps of getting products from AliExpress to your shop, you won’t need an intermediary.

This online marketplace allows you to find products that you want to sell and find suppliers that offer these products. If you develop a relationship with specific suppliers, you can customize your packaging to make it more direct and personal.

6. Ecomdash

Ecomdash is an inventory management platform for your e-commerce business. It’s a massive help in managing your e-commerce business since it can be difficult keeping track of all of your items.

The pricing of Ecomdash, which can range from $90 to $350 a month, depends a lot on how many sales orders you have in a month.

7. Printful

If you’re interested in selling shirts with prints that you design on your own, then you can partner up with Printful. This dropshipping company is in Los Angeles, USA. They handle the printing, packaging, and delivery of your item.

Your items can range from shirts to pillowcases, so you can expand once you have the budget.

Printful does not have monthly pricing. They make a profit when you sell a product or get an order.

8. Gooten

Another printing and dropshipping fulfillment service similar to Printful would be Gooten. They can integrate with Shopify and Etsy, as well as with the use of their advanced API.

There are plenty of products aside from shirts that you can show custom prints on for your business, including tumblers and car seat covers.

9. Pillow Profits Fulfillment

Pillow Profits Fulfillment is another dropshipping app that helps resellers fulfill orders and produce their custom prints on certain products.

Its pricing will depend on the products you’re planning to sell. They have different products, from leather boots to bedding.

10. Inventory Source for Shopify Dropshipping

Inventory Source has over 230 dropship suppliers available for you to access. Their pricing plan comes in three categories: Directory Account, Inventory, and Full Automation.

The Directory Account is free, so smaller businesses that are just starting out can benefit from this. Inventory Automation, which costs $99 a month, is more about syncing supplies and inventory of your suppliers.

With the Full Automation at $150 a month, you can have all the benefits of the Inventory Automation plan and more. You can also route the orders to your suppliers and sync the shipment trackers to your customers.

Final Thoughts

It’s interesting how technology has involved in such a way that it’s giving a lot more people the opportunity to make a livelihood. Plus, it helps improve e-commerce fulfillment processes for a lot of businesses.

On that note, these ten apps should improve your overall reselling experience in different ways.

Some make it easier for you to manage inventory. Others are all about accessing a lot of different products.

Depending on your needs, there can be many different apps on this list that can help kickstart your online business. Try out some of these apps and develop your dropshipping business to the next level!

Author Bio:

Jake Rheude is the Director of Marketing at Red Stag Fulfillment, an eCommerce fulfillment warehouse that was born out of eCommerce. He has years of experience in eCommerce and business development. In his free time, Jake enjoys reading about business and sharing his own experience with others.

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