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Upgrade Your Wi-Fi

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Speed Up Your Internet

Do you want to know how to upgrade your wi-fi and speed up your Internet? If yes, then keep reading this article.

In the current era, eliminating the internet from tech means you are back to ground zero in primitive times when the computer was nothing more than an abacus. Now, with IoT and cloud computing, most companies keep their data in an open cloud-based library. So; anyone can access it if they have a subscription plan or an account. This calls for high-speed internet so things can go seamlessly. The requirement of high-speed internet is not just limited to office work where you can be stuck in an online office video call but also in case of entertainment when you are watching your favorite movie online and also in case of daily house chores guidance like cooking your favorite meal with the help of recipe video.

For all these tasks and much more, your internet connection will define how fast you will be able to complete your work. However, experts in the tech industry claim that your subscription-based plan or your internet provider can only do so much for you when it comes to internet speed. On the contrary, how you fix up the router and the location of your router determines the speed that you will be able to enjoy via your device.

Where most internet providers require you to invest in the infrastructure, good internet providers like Optimum offer the best in-built Wi-Fi speed for wireless surfing. Moreover, it also comes with whole-home smart Wi-Fi to make sure you have no dead zones left. For details about Optimum internet packages and the bundle of your choice, you can check here.

How To Prep For A Speed Boost?

Before you start judging your internet connection, it is important to run the internet speed test. The speed test might not be able to offer you the accurate reading that your provider is offering, but it can offer you the speed that your device is receiving. The measurement will give you a baseline to see if you want to change infrastructure, switch the internet provider, or if there is something wrong with the infrastructure or hardware.

Before running the speed test, make sure you reboot your router to clear up the cache. Then remove all the other devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi, or internet router through any other means. Now, it is time to move closer to the router and connect your device via the internet. If you have multiple browsers running, or you are trying to stream video, movie, or listening to music while running a speed test, the results might show a discrepancy. For accurate results, close all the software and application running in the background and clear your browser to run the test.

After running the test, to see the difference, remove the Ethernet and run the same test with Wi-Fi. The best practice is to take a Wi-Fi test while staying at the same location, where you previously faced a speed issue. If you see a major discrepancy between both speeds, this means you have weak signals or a dead Wi-Fi zone in your house.

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Speed up Your Internet

Running two different speed tests will help you know if there is a software issue, you have a dead signals zone, or there is an issue with your internet provider.

Here are some of the ways you can upgrade your Wi-Fi and boost the speed:

1. Move The Router To The Middle

It is the placement of your router that will have the greatest impact on the speed of your internet. Most people keep their router at one corner of the house, in the basement, or on the upper floor and expect good speed or full signal coverage throughout the house. A simple way to resolve this issue is to move the router in the middle, preferably in your living room where the rest of the house has an equal distance so, the signal is spread evenly.

2. Keep Router Away From The Signal-Based Appliances

Most people place their routers near appliances that might end up interrupting the Wi-Fi signals. Home appliances like mobile phones, monitors, microwaves, and TV screens can slow the speed of your Wi-Fi signal.

3. Get A Signal Booster

Wi-Fi extenders or signal boosters are a great way to cover up all the Wi-Fi dead zones. By using the signals boosters, you no longer have to pay extra for an additional router or internet provider. Instead, you will get complete home Wi-Fi coverage with a signal booster.

4. Use An Ethernet Cable

Wi-Fi might seem like a convenient option but we all know that signals can face hindrances, which will slow down the speed. A simple way to avoid this issue is to connect to the Ethernet so, you can enjoy the maximum speed with no jigger.

5. Disconnect Devices When Not In Use

Despite the fact that your devices are not in use; they still have applications running in the background that are draining your bandwidth The best practice is to disconnect all the devices when they are not in use. In addition, changing passwords weekly will offer you an opportunity to get rid of freeloaders.

6. Reboot The Router

Rebooting the router might seem like a no-brainer solution. However, with just a 10-second rest you can clear up the cache; making sure your router rests for a while and gets ready for offering high speed right away.

7. Set The Priority of Internet Bandwidth

Internet providers set the traffic priority so; the bandwidth is divided based on the work priority. In the default setting, voice calls are always kept on priority while streaming, browsing, and downloading can become second priority. To make sure that you never experience the drop, you can get two different bands i.e. 2.4 and 5 GHz. This will allow you to have a dedicated band for your work, while others can enjoy calls and videos nonstop.

Wrap Up: Upgrade Your Wi-Fi

Blaming your internet provider for slow speed and bad signal coverage might seem like an easy solution. However, as a consumer, you also need to make sure you are not adding hindrances to your internet experience for the sake of aesthetics. The above-mentioned tips can help you boost the speed, in case you have some issues, reach out to ISP customer service.

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