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4 reasons why a PHP beautifier is necessary for programmers

There is a purpose behind every tool and PHP beautifier is not an exception. When you talk about development timelines, they are mostly hard to meet. Developers have to work out of their skin to deliver the committed features. If a web application is being developed using the agile methodology, the situation becomes even more challenging for the programmer. The reason is that working features have to be delivered with each sprint.

Gauging the purpose of a PHP beautifier

What does a beautifier do? Why do developers need it? The basic purpose of a beautifier is to improve the code in terms of formatting. It is hard to retain proper code formatting during development. It is unlikely that a programmer would see the number of times the space bar is pressed while declaring a variable. Similarly, the alignment of parenthesis may easily be overlooked. However, this does not mean that the code can be forwarded in a haphazard state. It has to be organized so that other stakeholders can interpret it. If you are developing an application on PHP, a beautifier can be used to organize the code. For instance, most programmers leave empty spaces in an unintentional manner while working on the application features.

Four reasons why a PHP beautifier should be used

At times, bugs are nothing less than nightmares. Some affect the application partially while others have functional impacts. In such cases, the application stops working. As a result, the programmer has to initiate a debugging process and identify the bug. He cannot proceed with the development tasks until the bug is resolved. A lot of bugs are a result of concentration lapse. When developers have to worry about other tasks apart from core programming goals, they tend to make mistakes. For instance, they have to think about getting the code into shape, it is unwanted stress on their head. This increases the risk of making code-related errors.

1. Meet tight submission dates with ease

At times, when you are dealing with multiple programming sprints, the submission dates are tight. Even for the smartest developers, getting done with things on time is hard. Delivering the release after the deadline is a major setback for the client as well as the software company. Hence, for developers, it is important to work with the intended timeline. Not having the task of working on the code appearance is a big relief for them.

  • A good developer has to balance some key parameters. He should have the best possible technical skills so that bugs and other code-related problems can be combated properly. Programmers with limited technical abilities face barriers while developing applications using PHP and other development languages. Technical abilities are good for nothing if you cannot deliver things on time. Timelines can be met only when calculated development tasks have to be delivered and no extra expectations exist.
  • Code beautification is not a functional requirement and the successful execution of the application does not depend on it. It is a requirement related to formatting and post-deployment usage. An unformatted code copy cannot be delivered as it creates understanding problems for the client. However, to beautify the code, developers cannot stop or slow down the functional steps. With a beautifier, you can improve the code formatting without risking any technical deliverables.

2. Accurate code formatting

Code beautifying does not mean that you only have to reduce the spacing between a few sets of lines and leave everything else. A lot more than this has to be done. When you talk about formatted code, it should have a proper layout. The purpose of code formatting is to develop an understanding of the client and his technical counterparts. A lot of software customers prefer to update the application on an in-house basis. For this purpose, they have a development team that looks at the code and performs the necessary modifications. Here, it becomes difficult for them to make changes if the code is messed up.

  • A lot of PHP programmers have the opinion that code beautifying is an option stage. This statement is not truthful. Along with the final application deployment, a formatted version of the code also has to be provided to the client. Developers do not need to be apprehensive if they do not have the time to work on the code appearance. Due to hard timelines, they usually face this problem. This is exactly how a beautifier is used. It does not require the developer to use any of his time. He does not even have to think about these formatting problems while going through development.
  • Simply running the application successfully is not the only responsibility that a developer has to fulfill. He needs to be sure that the code is interpretable for the customer. The use of an automated tool is obviously the best way out as it does not require the programmer to invest energy. Before the deadline, he only has to focus on making the application technically successful. Once he is done with this, he can use a good beautifier and format the code without using long spans.

3. Working on development features without hassles

A lot of people think that PHP programmers can start writing code without doing any groundwork. This is not factual. A programmer has to design the code logic, come up with the relevant algorithm and then start development. In simple terms, developing a web application using PHP or any other platform cannot work well until the planning is not effective. Professional developers never start directly from code writing.

  • If a programmer has to format the code and spend a long duration for this purpose, it does not make things easy for him. It acts as an unwanted additional pressure that can be avoided. With a beautifier, the code is reformed and its layout is revamped.

4. More time for dealing with bugs

Even the best programmers have to deal with bugs. If a code beautifier is used, the programmer gets more time to remove bugs and run the application successfully.

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