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Angular JS Beginner

Things Every Angular JS Beginner Must Know

Hey, in this blog post I will tell you important things every Angular JS beginners must know if you want to properly use this JavaScript framework.

But before we start let just quickly understand what is Angular JS.

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework for front end development. It is primarily maintained by Google with an extended community of developers and companies.

Looking for Angular Templates?

Angular Templates can help you speed up your project with minimal or no cost as you can find some free templates as well. They are great for beginners as well as pros, as it comes with lots of ready to use features and trending designs, so you can directly able to pick and use in your project.

Angular Architecture

In books, you might have read that you can put all your Angular code on one massive function or on one page. But in real life, it is not effective or not recommended. Because this is not an effective way to structure your code.

Angular is designed on the concept of modules, it is an important part of framework architecture.

You can create Angular apps by using multiple modules. You can use both stand-alone or shared modules to build applications.

One Way Data Flow

Angular 1 had launched with two-way binding. This feature captured the interest of many front end developers. But over time this feature started causing some problems in terms of performance when the application becomes more complex.

Due to these developers and the angular team had understood that you don’t need two-way binding everywhere.

Two-way binding allows the application to become more flexible.

Component Life Cycle Hooks

Every software has a life cycle that determines how it is created, rendered, and removed.

Angular also has a component life cycle.

Developers have the ability to hook the main moment within the life cycle and target specific moments in the event. This feature allows developers to create appropriate responses.

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