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Book Writing Software

The Best Book Writing Software for Writers

Writing a book is a tedious process. It requires a great deal of discipline, organization, a powerful idea, extensive research, and inspiration. Yet, the writing process goes easier if you have the right technical tools at hand. Apps and software won’t write a book for you, yet will help organize your thoughts and make the process more convenient. Below, we’ll review the top 7 Book Writing Software for you.

In addition to software that organizes and edits your writing, there are custom online services that can do all the writing for you. Custom writing help companies primarily help students with their college assignments, yet they also assist professionals and educators with literally any type of writing.

Book Writing Software: Top 7 Options


Scrivener is a Book Writing Software designed specifically for professional book writers. It allows you to plan the story, set the word count goals per day, and removes all distractions in the composition mode so you could create easily. Moreover, it allows formatting and organizing the book for self-publishing, no other tools needed. The only disadvantage is that it’s hard to collaborate in this tool and it’s paid – $49 for Mac.

Google Docs

This is an online word processor that saves your writing automatically, so you can forget about lost drafts because of technical issues. Moreover, it can be accessed from different devices – you can start a chapter on the laptop and finish it via your smartphone. But more importantly, it offers great options for sharing and collaborative work. For instance, your editor can fix the text and comment on it, and you can discuss all the changes made right in the document. This Book Writing Software requires no pay and needn’t installation.


Writing requires the utmost concentration. And if you get distracted easily, you’ll find this Book Writing Software helpful. Freedom is not a writing tool – it was designed to block online distractions so you could focus on your book. Schedule the time for one-time or recurring sections, and the app will block social media sites and applications, both on your computer and smartphone. Freedom will also be helpful for students who want to concentrate on writing academic papers for English or History class.


A word processor designed for Mac, it allows synchronizing your writing between all devices. It also offers a distraction-free mode for writing and exporting in any format. The app serves as a single library for all texts you write, helps you set writing goals, and backs up your writing automatically. Most Mac owners prefer it over other word processors. Yet, it costs nearly $40 to order this app.

Hemingway App

Hemingway app is an online tool that helps the writers fix style issues, such as lengthy sentences, sophisticated language, and more. You need to insert the written text into the box, and the app will highlight in color what should be fixed, or even suggest the alternatives. This editing tool makes your writing clearer and understandable for a wider audience. An online version is free, yet, if you want to download a desktop application, it comes at a cheap fee.


Above-listed is the word processors where you can work on your book expanding the ideas you already have. But when it comes to brainstorming and developing book ideas, Evernote works best. This app designed for note-taking lets you write down the ideas on the go, save copies from the web, scan documents, and synchronize notes on all devices. The basic version comes for free, yet, you can buy a $5 upgrade. The only downside is that it’s great for recording ideas but probably cannot replace your main word processor.


Grammarly is an online editing tool. It spots grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes, suggesting you to correct them in one click. All you need to do is to install the extension or paste your book chapter into an online Editor window and then follow the expert suggestions. The paid advanced version of this app also fixes word choice and more complex issues in writing. Although this app cannot replace a human editor, it will definitely be of service for anyone looking to polish their writing.

How to write an essay on a book?

As part of your college study, you might be assigned to write an essay about a book. In this type of assignment, you are expected to analyze the theme of the book or explain the techniques the writer used. If you struggle to put your ideas together or have no time to read, the experts of custom writing service will help. The writer will provide assistance with your custom paper so you won’t miss the deadline. Place an order with an essay company, and use their services to do better in class.

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