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Cloud based Hospitality Accounting Software

Cloud-based Hospitality Accounting Software & its Benefits

Hospitality Accounting Software Importance

Whether you operate an individual hotel or multi-property hotel business, as a hotelier you’ll need a tailored accounting software to keep track of your accounts & finances.
That’s the reason many hoteliers shift to Nimble Property – Cloud based Hospitality Accounting Software solution.
The software is precisely designed for hotels to empower hoteliers by automating their accounting and financial activities.
By which, you can gain greater visibility into your hotels, and make better decisions that boost your business profitability. Instead of worrying about the intricacies caused due to the manual of doing hotel accounting.
Nimble Property hotel accounting software leaves you a free space to focus more on your guest satisfaction.

Salient features

✔ Cloud Hosting and Quick Setup
✔ Sales Data upload with PMS Integration
✔ Single login for multiple properties
✔ Bill Entry process with Image Scanning
✔ Intelligent Insights on KPI dashboard:

  • Occupancy %
  • ADR
  • RevPAR
  • Expenses
  • Sales
  • Banks

✔ Auto Bank Reconciliation
✔ STR/GSS Import
✔ Integration with Payroll and Banks

Improve your Hotel finances with cloud based hospitality accounting software

With Nimble Property cloud based hospitality accounting software, you can manage all your hotels at once place, without logging into multiple locations.

Effortlessly, you can centralize your multiple hotel group finances efficiently. By which it becomes easy for you to analyze departmental wise operational budget with statistics.
Moving ahead, you can provide login access to your hotel team and enable them to approve Bills and PO.
Just in a few clicks, you can record and track inter-property transfers, Profit & Loss statements and Balance sheets, etc.

Maximize your finances by analyzing profits, forecasting revenue and managing expenses, which altogether optimizes your cash flow. Know the pulse of your group of hotels financial performance!

Strengthen your business performance by using hospitality accounting software

Consolidated view on your hotels’ Bank Balance, Room Occupancy, RevPar, Avg. daily revenue and Profits & Expenses lets you track your business performance in realtime. Drilling down deep into the dimensions of individual or group of hotels will make it easy for you to measure the business performance.

Nimble Property realtime visibility into your property’s inflows and outflows improves your cash flow by forecasting revenue.
Greater insights are always available on the Intuitive KPI dashboard. You’ll stay-on-top of your accounts receivables with timely alerts.
Likewise, you’ll stay ahead on the payables with OCR image scanning.
Nimble Property leverages advanced technology to ultimately help you in strengthening your business performance, while giving you the entire picture.

Cloud-based accounting solution with Integration

Nimble Property offers easy cloud based integration with your Hotel PMS, Payroll vendors, Banks and Financial Institutions.
All your complex data entry process will be automated, while fetching your sales data, booking information, room statistics, banking & vendor information.
Nimble Property Cloud Based Software is very secure with convenient access to your information in realtime on any smart device. It’s precisely designed to do your job more efficiently!

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