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Tips for working creatively in a functional web design

Tips for working creatively in a functional web design

A great website is one that has been designed to the smallest detail for users, where they can complete tasks efficiently and quickly and where the message to be communicated is clear. However, the characteristics of a functional web design can be difficult to achieve while you are working on it.

You have probably encountered some websites where the design demonstrates all the care that has been put into the process. Like many other skills, you can improve the design of a website while learning about new concepts and working on different projects. It is not impossible to achieve a great design for your website if you are really determined. In this article, we mention some of the tricks that many top website development companies use when designing a website.

Working based on concepts

A concept is a tool that both graphic designers and publicists use in their projects. In the case of graphic designers, it might be when you are working on the brand design of a new company. In this situation, the logo not only serves to represent the values ​​of the brand but also contains a concept. And in fact, more creative results can be reached when the concept of the project is very clear.

On the other hand, publicists also establish a theme or concept when they are working on the launch of a new campaign. All the language used and the graphics used are consistent with the concept.

Determining a concept in a web design project is also possible because preliminary and advanced research, the review of other sources and similar projects, the values ​​and personality of the brand, the message to be transmitted, etc. are taken on the basis. Thanks to the concept, all the visual aspects of a design gain greater coherence because they are working under the same perspective at all times.

Find the balance between originality and functionality

Creativity implies being original and opting for unconventional ideas. In principle, it is recommended that no idea should be discarded because usually, the craziest ideas are those that generally have a greater future. However, it is not only about having creative thinking, but knowing how to distinguish ideas that have a future and can be put into practice in web design. That is, be original without putting the user experience at risk. And in fact, employ creative strategies to optimize the user experience whenever possible.

The balance between originality and functional web design needs to be found. In fields such as web design, it is essential that the final product is functional and that it not only looks good. As a web developer, you can find yourself at a crossroads because many ideas cannot be put into practice in any particular project. However, being a web designer is about offering solutions tailored to the client and users.

Combine design techniques with styles and trends

Being informed about new trends and emerging technologies is an important part of being a web designer. The web is constantly changing. It is obvious that if you want to offer the best solutions, you should be aware of the latest trends, understand why they have arisen, study their disadvantages and advantages, as well as the situations in which they are really suitable and effective to use them.

All this knowledge will allow you to stay informed about the latest trends and know exactly when it is possible to use them. That is, you avoid the indiscriminate use of new web design trends in your projects.

Additionally, understanding trends allows you to combine it with other styles that are also in fashion or that are consistent and effective when used together. It is also possible to use several trends in a single project. Still, you must verify that both are compatible and find the best way to mix them subtly, without losing sight of the original design or concept you had in mind. That is, it does not adversely affect the visual coherence that the design possessed before the implementation of these trends.

Use tools that optimize your productivity

To offer the best solutions to your clients in the various functional web design projects that they request, it is not only necessary to develop creative thinking but also to use resources and tools that optimize your design process. Although there is a stage of the process in which only a pencil and paper are necessary. Once the first sketches have been approved, it is time to digitize them and move forward with the later phases of the design process. High-quality wireframes, mockups, and prototypes will be necessary. Depending on the time and budget, the quality of these products may vary, but it is advisable to use programs and platforms that improve your productivity. All these tools are specific and have been designed to facilitate tasks.

Apart from the typical tools for wireframes or mockups, you can make use of other resources such as Pinterest or Evernote to save references, pages to check color palettes, check if specific fonts are compatible, etc.

In conclusion

Working in a design and development field is not easy, particularly when you must create a product aimed at a specific audience. In these cases, there are many factors that you must take into account, from the client’s vision to the budget and project completion time. However, developing your creativity is not impossible when drawing good habits, both during work hours and outside of them. We hope that these tips allow you to achieve creative and functional web design.

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