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Why Infographics Has Still Remained Popular In Marketing

Is the concept still there? You may seem surprised. A few years ago, infographics were the cream of marketing. And it is sad, that every company used the same idea to popularize themselves. The bad result – quality suffered. With it, the interest of the public in the concept of the infographic came down crashing. But not all is gone.

And never will be. So, even now, if a new infographic has good quality content with wonderful designs, it becomes viral on social media. In this article, let us focus on why infographics have still remained popular in marketing.
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Now, let us look into the benefits of using infographics

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1. Human Brain Processes Visuals Better Than Text

The human brain can grasp information faster in a visual/image than reading images. As per the human survey, the human brain can process visuals in a fast way. This is the main reason why a good infographic can increase customer engagement for the company.
Yes, you need data to understand the content. But tell us, who has time in this fast-paced world to read a 10,000-word content. Instead, they can understand an image with proper design and diagrams. Now you know the reason why infographics have still remained popular in marketing.

2. For Visual Stories Use Infographics

The reason why infographics attained a bad name is that some digital marketers used this option to get only links. If only they had focused on story first approach and determined the suitable content form to present data, they could have got more links. And the name of infographics would not have become soiled.

Please note, that it is the data presented in a perfect format which matters the most. You should make the infographic come to life. Instead of just blurting out in meetings, your team has designed 100 infographics in a month and landed 200 links, it is better to introduce five infographics that can capture 500 links and gained at least a 100 shares.

An infographic is the best example of a marketing tool. For example, you have a company

Catering to computer repair in Mumbai. You have a goal to make the company attain the first status in the city. The reason, why you have enlisted as a customer care service company for a startup which provides computer repair in Mumbai. In your company, you have a digital marketing team in place to take care of the promotion campaigns. You have given strict orders to the company, that any infographic material to be shared in social media should have proper design and content. This way, your company is gaining popularity in the city.

3. Infographics – Easy To Understand

As mentioned before, an image is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to customers in a city such as Mumbai or Pune, they do not have time to read long content articles. Please note, it is useless to use only infographics for promotions. In fact, the best infographic is one which can initiate a call of action in the minds of viewers.

4. Infographics Can Land You Links

Shall we discuss the above-mentioned topic with an example? You have designed an infographic which has become viral. The content is regarding the general repairs in the computer. Since you have spent some time designing the infographic it has come quite well. And your company has started getting backlinks


Since the infographic has given every detail about the simple repairs in the computer, many bloggers all over the world make use of your design and then give a backlink to your website. The magic had started in 2013, and it is the same in 2019. The only criteria, there should be proper sharing of content and visuals.

Millions of bloggers exist in today’s world. And everyone will think of a way to escape from writing words for their future article. If your infographic gives the exact replica of their word content, they will post the same in the article and give you a backlink.

5. Infographics – You Can Share The Content

Please read the title once again. That is the secret. The infographic should be prepared in such a way that it can be shareable. Your infographic should entice the customer to share with his/her friends or others.

Is your infographic too long? Does it have too much content? Then divide into different parts. But let the size match the requirements of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others.

6. Infographics – It Gives You Recognition

There are many corporate companies who have made use of infographics to make their companies attain popularity. And it is not that everyone can design an infographic. Yes, images are easy to design. But an infographic needs to have the perfect design and words. If you have designed one with great content and it has gone viral, then your name will gain popularity.


So, the rumor that infographics are dead is not true. The right word is that they are misunderstood designs misused by non-intelligent digital marketers. In short, they are fantastic formats when you can use it for the right purpose. It can also bring good benefits when used as a proper content marketing strategic tool.

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