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CSS Hotspots

14 Best Free CSS Hotspots In 2024

This code pattern indicates how to create hotspots for a responsive picture entirely in CSS and HTML. When the picture scales in line with changes in viewport width, the hotspots, and their respective device suggestions will circulate as a result. Here Best CSS Hotspots for Presentations collection is explained. How much you loved the CSS Hotspots collection kindly share in the comment box.

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Interactive Image Hotspot

Interactive Image Hotspot

Interactive Image Hotspot
Made by Kevin Feyder


Hotspots In 3D – CSS Hotspots

Hotspots In 3D

This is a Hotspots In 3D for you.
Made by Armand


Draggable Image Hotspots – CSS Hotspots

Draggable Image Hotspots

It is a nice Draggable Image Hotspots
Made by Michael Wilhelmsen


JWS Hotspot Module – CSS Hotspots

JWS hotspot module

Hotspot module with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Made by Jose


Centered Background Image – CSS Hotspots

Centered Background Image

Centered Background Image
Made by Adam Grayson


Pulsating Hotspot UI Element – CSS Hotspots

Pulsating Hotspot UI Element

Pulsating Hotspot UI Element
Made by Matthias Ott


SVG Hotspot/Play Button Animation

SVG Hotspot/Play button animation

SVG Hotspot/Play button animation
Made by Robert Bue


Hotspots Experiments

Hotspots experiments

Hotspots experiments
Made by Gabin Aureche


Simple Hotspots

Simple Hotspots

Simple Hotspots
Made by a Charles


Hotspot Styling

Hotspot styling

Hotspot styling
Made by lea ski


Animating Highlight Hotspot

Animating Highlight Hotspot

It is awesome Animating Highlight Hotspot
Made by Uttam


Responsive Hotspots On The Map

Responsive hotspots on the map

It is a CSS Responsive hotspot on the map
Made by Joe


Multiple Wave CSS Only HOTSPOT

Multiple wave CSS Only HOTSPOT

This is Multiple wave CSS Only HOTSPOT
Made by Andres Rodriguez


Responsive Image Hotspots

Responsive image hotspots

You can use Responsive image hotspots
Made by Justin Perry

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