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Hire Remote Developers

Need To Hire Remote Developers? Here’s The How To Guide

Are you looking to hire remote developers? Before becoming overenthusiastic about the idea of hiring remote developers, one must consider additional facts before jumping into it. So here’s a thorough guide for the major aspects in regards to such hiring.

Freelancers vs Full-Time

This is a rough classification of available remote developers but it does help illustrate the point in regards to the advantages and disadvantages of each. So, let’s go over them.

Freelancer Remote Developers

They are the free agents among employers. Freelancers jump between companies, working for a limited duration or project before moving on to the next on a contractual basis. Even before the widespread adoption of remote work thanks to the pandemic, freelancers, in general, could be expected to have a greater than average exposure to such technologies. As such, one of the primary advantages of such hires is that there is a huge pool of talent to choose from. This makes the act of hiring cheap and efficient while at the same time the quality of hires ensures that the ones hired are likely to be quickly adaptive.

The last point can be expected thanks to the nomadic nature of freelancer work making them experienced in adapting to a new environment. However, this nomadic nature may also be the source of a potential issue as they may lack the loyalty of team members who don’t expect to just pack up and leave at the end of the contractual work.

Full-Time Developers

In contrast to the above, for most permanent employees, the idea of remote working is something new but fortunately many have adapted to it. As such, there is a comparatively large talent pool for it and due to their nature as permanent employees, it is generally expected that they would be more productive. However, the downsides that would come from introducing them to remote working are rather obvious. There are issues with geography not limited to just time zones, culture clash, and miscommunication but also technical issues.

Platform For Advertisements

This is the second important factor to consider. For instance, depending on whether you intend to hire freelancers, you should post the ads on either job sites or freelance marketplaces. If the job is at a beginner or junior level, colleges and universities are other good options for hires and regardless of the scenario, LinkedIn is always an option.

Make Sure Regarding The Job Description

This may go without saying, but this is something that many companies apparently forget. It must be emphasized over and over again that what is needed for a company may not be held in the same regard by every member. For instance, if a team is struggling with back-end tasks for a web-based project, then the technical and hiring lead is expected to bicker in regard to the hiring standards and the job description. The technical lead is likely to lean towards a full-stack developer, to ensure a bit of flexibility in assigning tasks. The hiring lead on the other hand would see the additional costs that would come from that as unnecessary, especially when it is unlikely that those skills would be utilized. The main debate is between greater flexibility or greater efficiency.

As such, the steps can be stated as follows:

Post the ads for the job in the necessary medium.

  • Use the CVs and portfolios to sort through the applicants.
  • After the initial sorting, run the applicants through interviews and/or tests to sort out who is the best for the role. The interviews are usually divided into technical and social interviews.
  • Once completed, there is an overboard process if the applicant accepts the role. The second part is relevant if some part of the disclosed job is unfavorable to the job, making them reject it. As such, it’s a good idea not to reject the non-optimal candidates until the first choice has rejected or accepted the offer.

While filtering the characters, the priority is put on experience rather than any mentioned qualifications on the CV. This is true even for college students, justifying why many technical courses often focus so much on internships and extracurriculars. So when all is done, congrats, you now have a new member of the team!

Top Countries To Hire Remote Developers From


India has surged to the top of the list when it comes to attracting offshore developers. Also, India is an ideal outsourcing location for consumers in the United Kingdom and the United States since it is the world’s second-largest English-speaking country. India’s education system also places a strong emphasis on mathematics, which explains why the country produces 2.6 million graduates each year. In logic assessment and math, Indian developers outscored American developers by 11%, according to Gild’s research. According to PayScale, the typical software engineer in India earns $11,139 per year.


There are around 6.18 million English speakers in Brazil. With 38.18 percent of the population under the age of 24, Brazil is becoming a hotspot for software development outsourcing. If you’re searching for junior developers, Brazil is an excellent area to go; but, if you need developers for advanced projects, you’ll need to seek elsewhere. The average compensation for a Brazilian developer ranges from $6,009.26 to $33,054.78.


When it comes to outsourcing, Ukraine is another country that IT businesses favor. According to HackerRank’s statistical research, Ukrainian engineers achieved an average of 88.7% across all HackerRank challenges. Aside from that, Ukraine boasts the world’s greatest concentration of C++ programmers. Additionally, around 80% of the IT community speaks English, reducing the linguistic barrier. Apart from that, Ukraine’s time zone partially overlaps with that of the United Kingdom and the United States. An average Ukrainian developer’s pay varies from $11,936 to $46,787, according to PayScale.


The COVID-19 epidemic is transforming the way IT firms operate. If anybody wants to survive at this time, they must make rapid and correct judgments. A dedicated staff of developers is one such fast and no-brainer decision. We’ve attempted to offer you all of the relevant data, statistics, and insights on why you should hire remote developers in this post. We’ve also spoken about how to go about finding an offshore software development team.

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