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How To Effectively Manage Remote Teams

How To Effectively Manage Remote Teams

Hey guys, today in this article, we are going to discuss how to effectively manage remote teams. So keep reading.

Remote work has become a huge part of modern life.

If you look at Amazon or Apple, for example, these two companies allow certain employees and teams (who can) to work from home.

In fact, it’s been widely reported that the famous Apple Park – which has a 12,000 capacity – has been almost empty for a couple of years.

However, even Tim Cook (Apple CEO) will tell you that managing remote teams isn’t always easy. After all, there’s no face-to-face contact, and you can’t physically see what employees are doing, as everything is done behind computer screens.

Thankfully, though, this doesn’t mean that you can’t manage remote teams effectively. Here are some useful steps on how to effectively manage remote teams.

Use Microsoft 365 Management Tools

If you’re like most other businesses, your remote teams will be using Microsoft 365 to create content, share files with each other, and hold video conferences.

The slight issue with Microsoft 365 is that there’s a lot to manage, from SharePoint to OneDrive. However, avepoint.com can help you manage Microsoft 365 and gain greater control over your system.

This is great news when it comes to keeping track of your remote teams. For example, Policies and Insights will help you to monitor everything Office 365-related, such as which team members have access to sensitive data.

Create A Culture Of Trust

The truth is that you can’t always leave individual employees and teams to their own devices. This is because they can easily go off track and become lazy with their work.

With that said, though, it’s important that you still create a culture of trust. If your business teams feel like they are under constant supervision and scrutiny, it will negatively impact their workflow.

Remember, a culture of trust will lead to greater productivity!

Hold Weekly (Or Bi-Weekly) Video Meetings

When working remotely, teams will still need to communicate with you. This will be done over chat and email, but video meetings are paramount.

Video meetings are as close as you can get to replicating the face-to-face experience, as they allow an effective exchange of feedback and ideas.

In these meetings, team members will be able to update you on everything they’re doing – from marketing campaigns to sales projects – while you will be able to provide them with detailed feedback and company news.

Ideally, you should hold a scheduled meeting with each team once a week or bi-weekly. Leaving it to once a month is too long of a time, as a lot can happen in 4 weeks.

Be Strict With Rules

As mentioned before, the downside of remote working is that it can lead to slips in standards because there’s no face-to-face contact.

However, by implementing strict rules, you can stay on top of this and prevent it from happening.

The rules you implement should be designed to keep employees motivated and on track. For example, you use a virtual clocking-in system that employees must log in to before they start.

Additionally, you could make it a rule that employees must dress formally when in video conferences; otherwise, they will face disciplinary action – you get the idea.

So this is all from our blog. I hope you liked this article on how to effectively manage remote teams. Thanks for reading!

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