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Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly

How To Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Friendly?

Hey guys, in this article, we will discuss how to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly? So keep reading.

Nowadays, you can look for the best WordPress development company out there to make a WordPress website easily. Still, at the current time, when everybody has mobile phones, it has become a necessity to make your WordPress websites mobile-ready.

Whether you run a business or write a blog, it is important to have a website for an online presence. It helps your business grow. Developing a website in the WordPress platform is the best idea.

It allows you to fetch more readers or clients. Your business will witness the highest growth and make you proud of yourself.

In this article, you will become more acquainted with the significance of making a mobile-ready WordPress site, and you will likewise get mobile-ready WordPress website development solutions too.


Why Is There A Need To Make Your Website A Mobile Adaptive One?

When everyone has their nose in mobile phones in this age and day, you must make your site into a Mobile compatible one too. Nobody is going to open a laptop to access a site.

If they don’t get the site on their phone, they will leave the website and move on to another one compatible with the phone. So how do you get why you have to make your WordPress site a Mobile adaptive one?

Okay, now you know the importance of a mobile adaptive website, but how to make your website a mobile-compatible one? Here are some ways through which you can make your site a mobile compatible one:


Make Sure That Your WordPress Site Is Mobile Adaptive

The first and foremost thing to do is making sure that your website is a mobile adaptive one. How to check this? There are many tools available for this; it includes Google’s mobile-friendly test, MobileTest.me, screen fly, etc.

Google’s mobile-friendly test will be the best site to do this. It will tell you if your website is a mobile-compatible one or not.

If it says that your website is not, you can also check why it showed that and make amendments to your website using the results.


How To Enhance Your Webpage To Be A Mobile Compatible One

If your website passed the mobile compatible test, that doesn’t mean that your website is a mobile compatible one. If you are to check further, you will find some major problems with your website.

These problems may include the browsing page being as large as it is on a computer or laptop, being unable to click some options, and many more.

To fix this resolution problem, you will have to create or purchase a compatible WordPress design.


Create Or Purchase A Compatible WordPress Web Design

Creating or purchasing a compatible WordPress Web Design is the easiest way to create a Mobile adaptive website. It will help your website adapt to various sizes of screens, including screens of mobiles, tabs, iPad’s, etc.

By creating or purchasing a compatible WordPress web design, you will have to watch out for just one website. When people use mobile phones more than they use laptops or computers, making a compatible WordPress web design is a necessity.


Using Plugins That Are Mobile Enhanced

Plugins can be considered an amazing summation of various features and many functions that will help your website become a much better version of itself.

But the most important thing before adding the plugins is that you should check if the plugins work as good as it does on other devices. If the plugin works on mobiles, then go ahead and use it without any hesitation.

Nowadays, every plugin is a mobile-compatible one but still doesn’t use any plugin without testing it.


Enhancing The Images Of The Website

The images of the website mainly take up the data of a webpage. So enhancing the images of a certain webpage will help make your website a mobile adaptive one.

To enhance your images, the first thing you have to do is that while uploading an image, make sure you do some Photoshop and use some photo compressing apps or sites to deduct the size of your image.


Minimizing The Texts

Like reducing the image sizes, you will also have to reduce the text size on your website. As a phone has very little scrolling space compared to a laptop or computer, you will have to deduct the text size.

But make sure that the texts are in a readable format and that the readers don’t have to zoom in and zoom out at times to get clarity of the texts.

The font size of the text matters the most if you want viewers to give a pleasing view while reading content on the website.


Keep Your Website Away From Pop-up Advertisements

Using pop-ups will make your site fully-fledged with advertisements. And people won’t be able to see the real content of the sites.

To make a WordPress site that is Mobile adaptive, please steer clear from such practices. Not using pop-up advertisements will make your site look professional.


Check Your Website Yourself As A Visitor

Last but not least, this is an important point. Check your website yourself as someone who is visiting your site on a mobile phone. It will help you realize the pros and cons of your WordPress website.

You can also ask someone else to use your website and give back some feedback about your site. It will help you understand the perspective of others about your sites.

If they say that they didn’t like some part of the site, make sure to correct it or amend it.

If you have read until this point of this article, you will create a WordPress Mobile Compatible website that is catchy and interesting.

And the best recommendation is that you use all the things said in this article but give a little more importance to creating and or purchasing a mobile compatible website design and the plugins.

So now that you have all the information on how to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly, what are you waiting for? Go and create a WordPress Mobile Compatible website now.

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