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Microsoft NET Ecommerce Platform

Microsoft .NET Ecommerce Platform

Nowadays, setting up an online business is very easy as there are plenty of eCommerce platforms available on the market. Setting up an online shop is cheaper than opening a physical store. In addition, since the COVID pandemic, most people nowadays prefer to shop online rather than go to the stores. Many brands and businesses are shifting towards the eCommerce space. One of the best eCommerce platforms is the Microsoft NET eCommerce platform. It has some amazing features that make deployment and scalability very easy.

In this guide, we will look at some of the top features available on the Microsoft .NET eCommerce platform.

Cloud-Native Support

The use of cloud computing services has become quite common due to the many benefits it offers. First, cloud computing is fast, which is quite a plus for online services that handle plenty of requests. Microsoft .NET eCommerce platform has cloud-native support, which makes use of Microsoft’s Azure cloud services.

Cloud-native support makes deployment easier. Cloud services also offer better data security considering that your eCommerce platform will be handling sensitive user data. In addition, if you’re a small SME, you will save a lot on hosting services.

Mobile-First Design

How many times do you access the web in a day? In those times, how many times do you use your phone to access sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or any other sites? We bet you use your smartphone or tablet most of the time to access the internet.

A good eCommerce site should have a responsive design, meaning that you can access it via any device. A responsive design boosts customer experience which means you will get plenty of visitors on your eCommerce platform.


Microsoft .NET eCommerce platform will allow you to add in extra integrations to boost user experience. APIs are lighter, faster, and more secure compared to third-party plugins. The Microsoft NET eCommerce platform is built using the headless architecture whereby both the frontend and backend are decoupled.

The Frontend of the site is the landing page, which displays the products and other relevant features needed on an eCommerce site. The backend includes the database and APIs that handle various requests from clients.


Online businesses can grow at an alarming rate. You will need a platform that can scale depending on the clients’ needs. Virto Commerce is a Microsoft NET eCommerce platform that leverages cloud computing to ensure that your business can scale at no extra expense.

The managed cloud services minimize the cost of upgrades. The microservice architecture allows you to get automatic features and updates. Overall, this reduces the total cost of ownership of your eCommerce platform.

Wrapping Up

Marketing and SEO are very important when pushing your brand on the internet. Most eCommerce platforms come with inbuilt SEO features to help you create great product descriptions. Most customers rely on brand authority when shopping online.

We recommend consulting a tech expert when choosing an eCommerce platform. They can show you the most sought-after features that will give you an edge in the online marketplace.

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