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How to monitor WhatsApp with monitoring app?

Cellphones and gadgets have revolutionized technology all across the globe. Today, we have seen people are using a different kind of mobile phones running with different operating systems such as Android, IOS and others alike.

Furthermore, people are using contemporary social media apps these days all day long and you may have seen WhatsApp messenger on everybody’s mobile device. It means the messenger has made its way to the next level and people have to have the instant messaging app WhatsApp on their devices.

The reason behind the dramatic popularity of the social messaging app is its dozens of fascinating features such as text messages, chat conversations, group conversations, audio, and video conversations shared media like photos and videos WhatsApp Voice messages. So, if you are looking for a way to monitor WhatsApp social networking app then you have to use best WhatsApp spy app.

Why to spy on WhatsApp with WhatsApp monitoring app?

There are multiple genuine reasons that make you track one of the most popular social messaging apps. It could be for digital parenting and as well as for employee monitoring. Being parents you want to know why children spend too much time on the instant messaging app and to whom they have conversations all day long.

Additionally, you may look forward to monitoring your employee’s activities on WhatsApp on the company’s owned cell phones and gadgets. Parents want to do surveillance on kids and teen’s cellphones and gadgets to spy on all the activities they perform on the installed social media app. On the other hand, employers want to make a check on the employee’s productivity and to catch an employee who is been involved in something fishy.

How to use WhatsApp spy software?

First of all parents or employers have to have the subscription of the cell phone and computer monitoring app by visiting its official website. Once you have the subscription of the cell phone monitoring software. Then you will receive an email along with the passcode and ID. Now you need to have physical access on the target device and get started with the installation process.

When you have done with the procedure successfully then activate the mobile spy app. Moreover, you need to use the credentials that you have received earlier and get access to the online control panel of the mobile phone tracking app. Now you will have multiple features of the phone spy app that provides you the best of the best tools to track WhatsApp messenger to the fullest.

Use WhatsApp spy software features to track WhatsApp

IM’s social media

You can simply use cell phone monitoring app IM’s social media that enable you to track WhatsApp logs. You can view text messages, chat conversations; audio and video conversations shared media such as photos and videos and last but not the least WhatsApp Voice messages.

Live screen recording

Furthermore, the user can use the live screen recording tool of the cell phone surveillance software. It enables a user to make short back to back videos in real –time and then send these videos to the WhatsApp spyware online control panel. The user can get access to the recorded videos and get to know all the activities happen on the messenger having real-time screen recording of the WhatsApp when the user is using it in real –time.


The user can remotely capture screenshots of the target device when the target user is using the WhatsApp instant messaging app on the target mobile phone device screen. All you need to set multiple time intervals on the target device and capture multiple WhatsApp screenshots and get access to all the activities.


You can use keylogger of the WhatsApp surveillance app and get access to all the keystrokes applied to the target device. You can monitor messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, password keystrokes, and others. It means you can get access to the applied keystrokes on the target device and messenger and can get access to the social media app to the fullest.


Cellphone spy app is the ultimate and reliable tool that enables a user to monitor WhatsApp messenger installed on the target cell phone or gadget with accuracy and efficiency.

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