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7 Effective Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your WordPress Website

It is no secret that blogging has become immensely popular these days. It is important for bloggers to develop a regular following in order to maintain the popularity and effectiveness of the blog. WordPress is one of the most common blogging platforms that most bloggers work on. However, with so many blogs about almost every topic in the world, blogging has become, in a way, a competition to gain and retain audience attention. While original and interesting content remains extremely crucial to establish successful blogs, there are several other tools that can help you accomplish the task in an easier way. Here is a handpicked list of 7 Effective Tips and tricks that will help you accelerate your WordPress blog growth exponentially-

Theme of the blog

One way to attract user attention is by having a colorful and unique theme. Generally, dull themes reduce the readability and attractiveness of your blog, causing users to not get engaged with the website for too long. In this respect, proper thought and effort should be given in deciding the theme of the blog. A good theme leaves a good first impression in the mind of the reader. WordPress offers several themes through which you can choose the one best suited for your blog! Even fonts, color schemes, size of text are some factors that are extremely important in the long run. It is best to give these things as much attention as you would give to the content itself!

Fix extra plugins

Plugins are tools that are used by bloggers to improve the different features of the blog site. However, sometimes, an excessive number of plugins can cause the website to work extremely slow, which can be annoying for a reader. It is important to timely review these plugins and cleans them up to ensure smooth functioning. You can even look for multipurpose plugins, which reduce the need to have ten separate plugins in place for different purposes. Remove the plugins that you no longer use and ensure that the website is left free of any bugs or errors.

Tools for SEO

SEO has gained much prominence for any website that wishes to get at the top of search engine results and take in truckloads of audience traffic with them to their site. Yoast SEO plugin is one solution to the humongous task of optimizing your blog content according to SEO standards. It acts as a step by step helping hand to assist you in finding the right combination of keywords, using SEO oriented subheads and setting up an audience suited website layout. These plugins have become the newest rage in a race to optimize content for Google searches and derive maximum benefit.

Enable Caching

Slow websites built with errors and compatibility issues can drive out users at the same rate as your proper SEO drove them in. thus, it becomes extremely viable to have a blog site which is fast, reliable and hassle-free. Enabling cache quite simply helps save important files temporarily on the visitor’s server. This ensures that the next time the website is opened, the files are loaded quickly and the user has a smooth surfing experience. The buffer time is greatly reduced. Super Cache, in that respect, is a handy plugin that does the job for you precisely and efficiently. It just needs to be installed, logged into and you can then configure the plugins for instant action!

Install Security

Blog security becomes another major concern in an Internet space that is plagued with fraud, hacking and hidden networks. It is crucial to install security measures to prevent your data from being hacked and used illegally to spam others. No site is too small to be hacked and hench this is one feature that must never be ignored. Wordfence is a popular security plugin that allows features like blocking malicious networks, scanning for vulnerabilities, monitoring various metrics that could make your site more open to attack, and much more. This creates an additional wall of protection for your blog, preventing it from foreign attacks once it starts becoming popular. Plus, added security is always a bonus anyway!

Use a CDN

A Content Delivery Network is one that shares your site with various servers across the globe. This allows people in certain areas to access the pages faster than if your site was located in a single location. It prevents the issue of time lagging in receiving data from your website in different parts of the world. Content optimization can also be achieved through websites that help you with editing and proofreading content in a way that Google recognizes it as important and the presence of keywords ensures that your blog site appears at the top of Google search results.

Sometimes, the problem lies in the root itself i.e. in the content of the blog. It is important to have carefully edited and proofread content in place that has sufficient value in the meaning it is trying to convey. While bloggers generally tend to ace this part, quite often they are faced with roadblocks when it comes to producing a good quantity of quality content. There are several types of content related tools/ websites that might come to your rescue. A website that can help with this include

You can also refer to review websites like Australian Assignment Help Reviews to get detailed feedback on the analytics of your website as well as areas for improvement.

Structure your website

It is extremely crucial to have a well- structured website with a clear sitemap in place which ensures that site navigation for users is easy and convenient. The homepage must especially give a clear idea of what your blog site is all about as well as what your latest posts are. If possible, try to establish a proper theme and timeline according to which you release your blogs posts for greater user reaction. Other than that, ensure that too much information is not scattered on the homepage as it may confuse the reader even further instead of presented the idea of the blog in a clear way. The homepage must also have your contact details in place. To make navigation easier, ensure that all the links of blog categories that you may have been clearly mentioned in the menu bar. Overall, the homepage is responsible for selling your blog to the readers to ensure that it leaves a good impression.

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