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Reasons Vue JS Is Perfect

Top 5 Reasons Vue JS Is Perfect

Hey guys, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 reasons Vue js is perfect. So keep reading.

The decision to use this framework should not be spontaneous or based on the personal preference of any of the developers. It is worth noting that at that time none of the team members even had experience with Vue.js.

But this framework has a lots of advantages that are important when choosing a tool for the future version of the site:

  • The ability to work with an existing DOM tree;
  • The presence of directives to expand the possibilities of working with the DOM tree;
  • Relatively small size;
  • The presence of a large number of ready-made additional libraries;
  • Low entry threshold for developers (hire Vue js developer).

Ability To Work With An Existing DOM Tree

This is one of the key features of the framework and one of the most important factors that influence the final choice. If you already have the HTML markup that the server returned, you can easily use it using the Vue.js compiler.

In this case, it is enough to initialize the application on the topmost DOM element and the framework will take all the internal markup as the main template for your application.

Unfortunately, using other popular tools, cannot be done with the same ease.

With Vue.js, you can conveniently interact with the markup on your page and easily add the required interactive components or additional functionality.

Directives To Extend The Capabilities Of The DOM Tree

Custom directives deserve a special mention, as they provide a convenient interface for low-level interaction with elements of the DOM tree.

With their help, it is easy to organize listening and event handling or to implement small changes to the DOM tree that do not fit into the paradigm of a separate component.

Relatively Small Framework Size

Vue.js, for all its capabilities, has the smallest JavaScript code among the Big Three (Angular, React, and Vue.js).

Even good old jQuery will cost you more. For comparison: the latest version of React weighs only 7 KB in minified form, but the required dependency in the form of react-dom will bring another 121 KB to the JavaScript bundle.

Additional Ready-Made Libraries

The framework has a lot of them. If you need convenient management of the application state, Vue.js has a ready-made solution for this in the form of the Vuex library.

Its size is only 12 KB in minified form, but the advantages are undeniable. With its help, it is easy to create a centralized repository of all necessary data and application states and to access it from any part of it.

A single repository can even be used to exchange data between separate applications that were launched on the same page (by initializing a new Vue.js instance on separate root DOM elements).

This is the approach you can apply on some types of site pages to make them even easier. Reducing the time it takes for the framework to compile the page template.

Vue.js has an official Vue Router, a Vue CLI developer toolkit, and Vue Devtools to speed up application development and debugging.

Low Entry Threshold For Developers

Vue.js has excellent documentation which has been translated into several languages. At the same time, it not only provides access to a description of the main features of the framework and its API but also contains a variety of examples of configurations and implementations of applications from real life, recommendations, links to all kinds of training materials, etc.

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It is worth noting that the number of connected analytics systems and a variety of marketing and SEO tools has a strong impact on the performance, speed of sites, and applications. Developers, as Fireart, use Google Tag Manager, and it’s not hard to imagine how easy it can be to add a huge number of tags and lose any control over them.

Therefore, during the development of the new site, revise all the tags used and carry out their global cleaning and optimization:

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As a result of all of the above actions, you’ll get a good increase in the readings of the PageSpeed Insights tool, raising the score by 10-15 points.

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So it’s all on my side. I hope you liked this article on the top 5 reasons Vue js is perfect. Thanks for reading!

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