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Uses of JavaScript

Uses of JavaScript in Top 6 Development Fields

Uses of JavaScript in web apps and web services are nothing new. A recent survey shows that over 97% of websites use JavaScript on the client side for web page development that contains third-party libraries. Besides this, All major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, and so on have a JS engine. This engine executes the code on Users’ devices.

Furthermore, initially, the JavaScript engine is used for web browsers only. However, with the advancement in technology, it has become an integral part of the web server and other app development. Besides these, JavaScript is also used in various development fields to boost the app and server speed and give users the best user experience possible. In this article, we have listed the top 6 uses of JavaScript in development but before that, let’s take a quick overview of what JavaScript is.

What is JavaScript

JavaScript AKA JS is a high-level programming language that has become one of the core technologies of the WWW (World Wide Web), alongside CSS and HTML. It is often used as a just-in-time compiled language that serves the ECMAScript standard. Furthermore, JavaScript offers first-class functions, prototype-based object orientation, and dynamic typing. In addition to this, JavaScript has intriguing APIs for working with the Document Object Model (DOM), regular expressions, text, dates, and standard data structures. The ECMAScript standard does not contain input and output, so JavaScript APIs get I/O from the web browser or other runtime system.

Top 6 Uses of JavaScript in Development

Initially, the prior use of JavaScript is limited to client-side programming only. As a result, on almost every web page, when you see a text, button, or any object moving, it is most likely due to JavaScript. However, with the improvement, JavaScript is no longer limited to web programming only. So without wasting any more time, let’s start our topic. Here are some top development fields that use JavaScript for development-

1. Web App Development

As some of you already know, JavaScript has extensive use in web app development. With advanced technology, web browsers and apps have greatly improved. And this improvement is brought about by JavaScript. A robust web application can enhance user experience drastically. For instance, when you explore Google maps, you just need to click and drag the mouse only to get all the details and views of the area. All of this is possible thanks to JavaScript. Furthermore, JavaScript interacts with the browser without notifying the servers, and it uses powerful APIs to provide extra power to the code to make robust apps. Hire JavaScript developers now to start your own web app development.

2. Server App Development

Node JS is created on Google Chrome’s Javascript runtime that lets you build fast and scalable network and server apps. For this, it uses lightweight, event-driven applications distributed over the systems with the help of a server. Furthermore, Javascript is mostly utilized in generating content and handling HTTP requests. While writing the complex app in JavaScript on the client-server, the developer can retain the cognitive leaps from one language to another when he writes the logic in JavaScript on the server.

3. Game Development

Game Development

JavaScript is also helpful in ways while creating feature-rich exciting games. Nowadays, the use of JavaScript with HTML5 has become popular in game development. JavaScript offers a vast variety of library which delivers straightforward solutions while working with rich graphics. Furthermore, its APIs are familiar to all-flash app developers with a hierarchical array list. When a developer designs a Stage, it will automatically render the display list to its mark canvas. In addition to this, Ease.JS also offers Sprites. They are 2D bitmaps that are directly drawn to the Render target for transformations. Besides this, JavaScript also helps in game development in many ways. Therefore, it becomes for game developers to learn it to the core to develop feature-rich games.

4. Mobile Apps

As we all know, mobile app development is one of the most competitive fields these days. Therefore, developers utilize various languages to build powerful responsive, feature-rich apps. In app development, JavaScript lets you create mobile apps without web contexts. For Mobile apps, there are mostly two platforms available- Android and iOS. Therefore two different languages are used to build the same apps for these platforms. Hence, consume a lot of development time. However, the use of cross-app development platforms such as flutter, and React Native can solve this problem. These platforms use Javascript to debug, deploy and download the individual app from across environments.

5. Web Development

Web Development is another popular field that extensively utilizes JavaScript codes. Developers preferred creating web pages since it is a client scripting language. JavaScript is used for designing dynamic web pages. It is also great while adding special effects on web pages like scrolling, rollover, roll out, resizing, and many types of graphics. JavaScript is also used for validation by websites. Furthermore, JavaScript is compatible with external apps such as Flash apps, PDF documents, Running widgets, etc. JavaScript also lets developers load content into a document whenever they need it without reloading the whole page.

6. Smartwatch App Development

The trend of smartwatches is growing continuously, and it is likely to increase even more soon. Therefore, developers need to develop well-designed fully-responsive apps for smartwatches, and currently, Javascript is one of the best solutions available. The use of JavaScript lets developers access libraries such as Pebble.js. Pebble.js lets developers create watch apps using only JavaScript codes. Apps built with these libraries can fetch and display data from various web services and allow users to remotely-control other Smart devices. Furthermore, The Pebble.js library offers an API to create UI and then remotely controls the C app to display it. Hence, making it more efficient for Smartwatch app development.


The main reason for learning and writing code is to make things easier and faster. Therefore, it is necessary to know the capabilities of the programming language you have picked for development. As for JavaScript, it has become one of the top programming languages these days. This is due to the constant release of new frameworks and libraries for JavaScript. As a result, developers can utilize JavaScript in various fields for development, and this list will continue to increase even further soon.

I hope you like this article and get the information you are seeking for!

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