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Virtual Exhibition Platforms

Top 11 Trusted Virtual Exhibition Platforms In India

Hey guys, in this article, we will discuss the top 11 trusted virtual exhibition platforms in India. So keep reading.

In 2024, the unanticipated worldwide epidemic has utterly interrupted live physical occurrences. The pandemic has thrown everything into disarray, leaving enterprises all across the world in a state of instability.

Organizations and corporations have changed their live physical events into a visually rich digital environment as a result of COVID-19. Today, the virtual has become part of the new normal. All physical events have been shifted to the digital medium. Out of all, transforming exhibitions was the challenge.

Firstly, event organizers were skeptical because of the newness of the event format. Secondly, the complete involvement of the technology made them worried. But, the advantages offered by the event format motivated them to leverage the same. It not only resulted in boosting business revenues but offers substantial ROI too.

In today’s market, there are a plethora of virtual exhibition platforms to choose from. It allows you to create virtual exhibitions and shows using a 3D virtual event setup, as well as provide unique services.

With a slew of new competitors entering the market, the race is on to provide the greatest solutions and features. Many exhibitors were still hesitant to participate in the virtual show. Whereas some are still confused with the platform to go with out of many available options.

In this blog, we have covered the top 11 most trusted virtual exhibition platforms in India. Select the one that best suits your event needs and requirements. So, let’s get started!

List of The Trusted Virtual Exhibition Platforms In India:

1: Dreamcast

2: Hexafair

3: Pragati

4: Inxpo

5: Xporium

6: Utradefair

7: Blues N Coppers

8: Samaaro

9: ExpoBurg

10: Hubilo

11: ibentos


1. Dreamcast

Dreamcast is a top-rated and widely used virtual exhibition platform. It allows you to host exhibitions virtually in a safe and secure environment. The platform’s engaging tools and interactive features enable you to deliver an immersive experience by replicating live physical exhibitions.

The platform allows exhibitors and sponsors to set up custom 3D virtual booths that match their brand image. It helps in enhancing the brand’s visibility, reaching a large number of people, and delivering the brand message more effectively. The platform’s live audio/video/text chat capabilities facilitate attendees to network freely in a digital arena in real-time.

Additionally, Dreamcast enables one to organize live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, and gamification, photo booths, social walls, and much more during virtual exhibitions. The engagement features offered by the platform helps in boosting engagements at the event. It aids in increasing participation in virtual exhibitions and expos. Apart from it, Dreamcast offers a digital footprinting feature. It tracks every digital attendee’s footprint from the beginning to the end of the event.


2. Hexafair

Another virtual exhibition platform is Hexafair. It enables you to host virtual exhibitions, expos, conferences, trade fairs, and a lot more.

The platform has 3D virtual event technology. It enables attendees to engage with virtual exhibition booths in the same way that they would with live physical exhibition booths.

Hexafair enables attendees to have a closer look at the products and services offered by the exhibitors and sponsors.

Apart from it, the platform enables attendees to have a look at photos displayed on virtual booths, watch pre-recorded video content, download pamphlets, and interact with booth representatives.


3. Pragati

One of the latest virtual exhibition platforms that came in emergence with the rise in demand for virtual events. It enables organizers to set up virtual booths to display product offerings.

Apart from this, the platform is capable of hosting interactive live sessions and allow attendees to have live chats during the event.

Apart from it, organizers can even opt to organize Q&A sessions to engage attendees effortlessly with the event.


4. Inxpo

Another popular virtual exhibition platform is Inxpo. The platform allows you to organize virtual exhibitions in a virtual environment and deliver immersive event experiences.

Inxpo offers on-demand content for attendees if they missed attending the Live session. Attendees can have real-time interactions with booth representatives just like physical exhibitions.


5. Xporium

Xporium is another virtual exhibition platform that assures to recreate of physical event experiences by offering 2D, 3D, and VR capabilities.

For organizing events and exhibitions of all sizes. The platform allows hosting exhibitions of all sizes.


6. Utradefair

Another trusted virtual exhibition platform in India. The platform enables one to host temporary as well as permanent expos.

With Ultradefair you can select a plan for temporary exhibitions that predicts the number of visitors. If the number of people exceeds the capacity, you’ll need to increase the capacity to accommodate more people.


7. Blues N Coppers

This is another virtual exhibition platform that enables exhibitors and sponsors to set up 360-degree virtual booths.

The platform enables exhibitors to connect with potential buyers on a personal level via interactive live sessions and real-time visitor reporting.


8. Samaaro

Another virtual exhibition platform that helps organizers host a virtual exhibition in a safe and secure digital environment. The platform offers customizable features to create a holistic ambiance along with interactive and engagement features.


9. ExpoBurg

It is another virtual exhibition platform that allows you to host exhibitions in the digital world. Expoburg’s user interface is plain and uncomplicated, displaying the category of ongoing or planned exhibitions. When you click on the exhibitor’s name, you’ll be taken to a new page with their bio, a list of their products, and contact information.


10. Hubilo

Another popular virtual exhibition platform, allows you to set up an exhibition in a 3D virtual environment. The platform allows you to custom virtual booths as per your company branding and offers various other features.

Right from offering networking features to engagement and data analytics, Hubilo serves all. It helps in replicating live physical exhibition experiences in a virtual world.


11. ibentos

It is one of the trusted virtual and hybrid event platforms that is a perfect fit to host your virtual exhibitions. The platform allows you to set up DIY virtual booths with interactive features replicating physical exhibition booths.


Wrapping It Up

Are you planning to take your virtual exhibition to a virtual venue? Or Are you struggling to find the perfect venue to host your virtual exhibition? Then the above-mentioned list is for you. Hope it helps you out in selecting the virtual exhibition platform that suits your event requirements.

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