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Write An Annotated Bibliography

How To Write An Annotated Bibliography With Internet Sources

Hey guys, in this blog post, we are going to discuss how to write an annotated bibliography with internet sources. So keep reading.

An annotated bibliography is the place from where you can collect all the information about your source. It gives a deep understanding and details so that students can easily sort all their quires and help them with every kind of topic details with recent researches and critical analysis papers.

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After reading this complete article, you’ll surely be able to write the annotated bibliography on your own.

Let’s scroll down and start reading;

What Is Annotated Bibliography?

Generally, an annotated bibliography is an expended form of books that contain all the descriptive and evaluative or inferential details about the source.

Normal bibliography contains not many words and deep sentences but the annotated bibliography includes all the references of previous research, thesis, and critical papers.

Also, readers’ experiences and comments are written in this annotated bibliography too.

Steps To Writing An Annotated Bibliography By Internet

Internet is the biggest source of information as we can know anything from there that you are looking for. Students mostly need the internet for completing their research base essay assignment or submitting the final thesis project.

Similarly, if you want to write an annotated bibliography no matter for assignment purpose or work, you can write it just by using the internet.

Read The Topic Clearly

Sometimes we students do not read the main topic clearly and move toward writing. That’s not correct.

Before start writing the annotated bibliography, you should need to analysis the source clearly and try to figure out the main headings and requirements.

If you are clear about the title then okay otherwise call your professor or drag through the internet.

Choose Citation

The citation is called the style or format layout that you need to write for your annotated bibliography. Make sure to choose it according to the source requirement or your client or professor’s demand.

The few common citations for annotated bibliography are APA and MLA.


This should be a short stanza that contains a brief description of the source with major content and arguments on which you are going to start researching.

Write Annotation

Normally the annotation is around 300 words but as you are writing the annotation for the bibliography then the word counts can be exceeded more.

If you are writing it for assignment purposes then read the instructions carefully maybe your professor mentioned the word count for annotation there.

The things you need to write in annotation are;

  • The positive and negative sides of the source.
  • Relevancy about your studies and relationship with other fields.
  • Writer’s background and source conclusion.
  • Your personal opinion about the source.

Recent Researches

In the annotation bibliography, it is worth adding the recent studies’ analysis results and future prediction statistics. Write all the authors’ names with narrative text and research paper links.

Also, insert the critical paper link not just only of your country, insert the top researches link from all around the world.

I’ll prefer you to write about the research papers of Carleton university library, university of Toronto, University of Alberta Libraries, and some other big platforms.

Where Should I Get The Information About The Source?

Normally, our mind could not have enough knowledge by with we can complete our annotated bibliography assignment. We need someone who helps us to gather information about the source or main heading.

In this current era of digitizing, no one can help you better than the internet. Yeah! You can get all the information from there and read related articles or different essays to solve your quires.

After collecting enough information and getting completely satisfied, you can go toward completing your assignment work that is about the annotated bibliography.

Secondly, you should completely need to follow the rules of the style guide, if your professor mentioned the layout in the instructions then alright otherwise you should need to choose by yourself.

The description of two common layouts is below that will help you to choose the best fit for you.


APA style format is mostly used in journalism-type articles but you can also use it for writing your annotated bibliography assignment.

All the text in APA format is double spaced with one inches margin on both sides. The main source should be placed in the center while following the APA format.

All the paragraphs must be indented. The writing size must be one with the page number located in the top right corner.

All the content must be in alphabetic order. Moreover, it is recommended to use a single space after the punctuation mark.

The general paper length of APA paper must be shorter and try to write clear in minimum words.


MLA format is mostly used by students for making their assignments at both college and university levels. It is also frequently used to write annotated bibliography as it makes a perfect fit for it.

The writing paper in MLA format must be white with the size 8.5 * 11 with a margin line at all four sides, vertically and horizontally.

The writing format is not restricted but preferable to use Time New Roman with the size 12. The first letter of every paragraph must be indented by half inches and double space is a must on all the paper.

After any punctuation, it is recommended to leave a single space instead of double or as your professor allows to.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about this informational point. I hope you are satisfied with the above explanation and happy to know all about the annotated bibliography.

In this reading, we discussed the way to write an annotated bibliography with the two main formats. We also discussed how the internet helps you to write an annotated bibliography on your own.

You can also concern with your professor or fellow mates in case of any hassle. So, why are you standing here?

Go and start writing an annotated bibliography and get a high score.

Thanks for reading this article and visiting Ventasoftware.

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