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Features Your Homepage Should Include

6 Important Features Your Homepage Should Include

Hey guys, In this article, I have listed the 6 important features your homepage should include. So keep reading.

The front page of a website, the first thing users see when they get curious about your organization or company. For most businesses, it is also the last thing users see because they instantly click on a different site.

In the age of instant information, keeping a user interested is just as important as grabbing their attention.

Keeping a viewer interested is the goal of most designs on a website. Even if you have all the answers that the viewer is searching for but fail to maintain their attention; then the rest of your website becomes useless.

Many websites are dedicated to having eye-catching and intriguing front pages.

This front page can decide whether people decide to look more into the company. With all the different ways to catch a person’s attention, one might wonder – What does a satisfactory front page look like?

What Makes A Good Front Page?

Many discussions and debates have popped up discussing the various ways to design a website. The front page is a heated topic, it needs to be eye-catching but not overwhelming, informative but not boring, accessible but not boring.

A good front page needs to have a good balance for every little criterion. Dealing with a massive audience is difficult because you can’t simply handpick their favorite color or quote. For this reason, hiring a web design agency might just separate your website from the rest of your competition.

An agency is well versed in this field and can offer a lot of improvements to your web page. They know the general tips and tricks as well as other bits of information. A good DIY project may be nice but a great job accomplished by a professional offers way more.

The guidelines you will get from this article are just the tip of the iceberg and although very useful, it still isn’t the same as a professional web design agency.

At the end of the day, you want to outperform and outreach your competitors. Gaining a tiny edge might decide who ends up on top.

What better way to outperform them by keeping more readers on your website. We can’t pick an audience’s favorite font but we can add little things to the front page to keep them interested for a little bit longer.

Key Features Your Homepage Should Include:


1. Logo

2. Site Navigation Menu

3. Headline

4. Footer

5. Images Or Designs

6. Testimonials


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1. Logo


If you search for other articles discussing a front page, then most guidelines highlight the importance of a logo. A logo shows what your business is all about, this logo is a stamp across the page that says, “This belongs to us”. Branding is crucial when it comes to marketing and the front page is free real estate.

Other than showing who you are, a logo also adds a professional feeling to the page. You get to verify that if they are looking for your business, they are in the right place.


2. Site Navigation Menu

This is the age of instant information, and if you don’t provide the answers quickly then someone else will. Adding an easy-to-use menu that can guide the user will save time for both of you.

This, in turn, will lead to a better experience for the user and more exposure for your business.

You may have a beautiful home page that you are proud of, but this page simply serves as the door to the other small rooms that offer your real business. You don’t want them to get lost on their way in so we make things easier to manage.

Having a simple navigation menu also encourages users to revisit the site. The fact that it doesn’t cause a headache to navigate means that if the website has the answers, then there is no other reason for viewers to not return.


3. Headline

This may be the business motto or maybe an eye-catching greeting. The headline is the front page’s first chance to talk to the viewer, so you better take that chance and make it good.

Most websites resort to bold letters that scream at the user while others go for a subtle professional approach.

Whether you want to discuss your business right away or approach them with a friendly hello and a welcoming feeling, both work with different people. It is all about what kind of energy you want the page to have.

Whether you want to act cool or seem informative depends on the situation, but not talking at all is a huge waste of opportunity.


4. Footer

This can be seen at the end of the home page, but we have it at number 4 because of its importance. This gives readers quick information such as what you are all about, how to contact you, and where the business can be found.

If the Headline is the opener, then the footer is the close that makes them want to come back for more. Providing basic information, like contact details, is crucial because you want all the connections you can get. How tragic would it be if a customer were interested but had no idea how to contact your business?

Placing valuable information at the bottom also gives readers who read the entire page an easy method to ask questions or inquire about what they have read.


5. Images Or Designs

Images Or Designs

People get easily bored and you need to work around that. A splash of color or an image of your product might bring your entire page to life. Images provide something that text cannot, visual eye candy.

These images may not add information, but it grabs people’s attention. You don’t want your front page to look like a newspaper simply packed with information. Home pages want to inform the viewer but also entertain them at the same time.

Just because an image isn’t discussing your product or informing them about the various options, doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Images make a page easier to look at. Having something easy to read leads to a tendency for people to come back to it.

Selecting the image is also important because it must catch attention but not be overwhelming at the same time. The same goes for how the front page is designed. A little color here and there is advisable but dumping a whole rainbow onto the site is ill-advised.

An appropriate theme will do wonders for the tone that the home page carries.

As mentioned, before it all depends on the kind of tone you want your front page to carry along with how it transitions to the other parts of the site.


6. Testimonials

People tend to trust what most people say. Key testimonials may encourage your reader to be keener on what your site has to say. Of course, who gives these testimonials is very important.

Slapping on a random quote from a friend doesn’t have the same impact as Time’s Magazine mentioning the greatness of your company. Testimonials are about showing the reader that your business can be trusted, and other people believe the same.

If you lack the testimonials to hype your business, then maybe it shouldn’t be included.


How Can You Apply All Of This?

This article isn’t a copy-paste design for your home page. It is a step-by-step guide discussing what is important and why it is important. Suggesting colors or quotations are only relevant to what your business needs.

We discussed the different effects of various features your homepage should include, and you get to choose whether you want these bonuses or not.

Front Pages are the first thing people see of your business and you don’t want it to be the only thing they see.

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