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How Floating Shelf Slatwalls Can Save Space

How Floating Shelf Slatwalls Can Save Space in Your Retail Store?

How floating shelf slatwalls can save space in your retail store? Maximize your display area and create a sleek, organized look with these innovative storage solutions.

You have reached the right place if your retail space is becoming increasingly crowded with standard shelving units. If you want to give your customers more room to shop but aren’t sure about how to increase your square footage, then a floating shelf slatwall may be your answer. Slatwall panels are the best way to expand your product display space while giving your customers plenty of room to shop without hassle and disruption. It is the most affordable way of increasing your square footage. Let us see how you can use slatwall panels and floating shelves to open up the floor space.

How Floating Shelf Slatwalls Can Save Space:


Slatwalls are mobile retail shelving units mostly made of thick wire mesh. They can be installed on the walls of your retail store or can be mounted to be freestanding on specially designed legs. Lightweight slatwalls let you reconfigure them quickly so that you can display items of various sizes as you need to. A floating shelf slatwall is fully customizable; you can choose colors and styles to fit your decor.

Floating Shelves

The slats in a slatwall can be slid with floating shelves, which can work perfectly with retailers. The name comes because you can install them anywhere on the slatwall panel by sliding them into the desired slat without any brackets. This allows you to instantly change the shelf formation to make room for differently-sized products whenever needed.

Simple and Sleek

Floating shelf slatwalls are simple and sleek, allowing you to display your merchandise by melding into the background. You can simply put the shelves wherever you want and change it instantly if you don’t like the look.

Variety of Colors, Materials, and Styles

You can buy floating shelf slatwalls in any design, color, and material. This allows you to design your displays without much effort and achieve whichever effect you want.

Take up very Little Floor Space

This is the most significant advantage of floating shelves compared to other retail shelving options. They can be placed directly on the walls of your store, or you can opt for freestanding slatwalls that utilize specialized legs. Floating shelves allow you to open up food space for your customers due to their small footprint. This will give the customers the room they need to move freely so that they can have an enjoyable shopping experience.

Changing Configurations Instantly

Floating shelves can be quickly and easily whenever needed. You can just slide out one shelf and replace it with another different size or color. You can change the shelf positions immediately to accommodate merchandise of various sizes instantly. There is no need to plan for setting up or breaking down or hassle with reassembly for new displays.

Utilizing Your Store’s Perimeter

Failing to use the store’s perimeter is the most common mistake that retailers commit. The wall space should be fully utilized with floating shelves so that no room goes to waste. Floating shelves and slatwalls ensure that every space available on your walls is used effectively, making it easy to create visually compelling, visually compelling, and efficient displays. They allow you to sell more products while also maximizing the space.

Encourage Impulse Buying

Impulse buying is something every store owner wants to promote. Floating shelf slatwalls can encourage impulse buying and boost sales at your retail outlet. These shelves at the cash counter can entice shoppers waiting in line to pay for items, thus enabling them to buy small items they may have failed to add to their shopping list.

Improve Product Visibility

Since retail stores always bring new stock, they need to make these unique items visible to shoppers, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by putting them on floating slatwalls as they are better organized than floor displays. These shelves are eye-catching and enable you to showcase your new products to customers without overwhelming them. Each product displayed on these floating shelves will stand out on its own, making it easy for shoppers to spot individual items that may interest them.

Many merchandisers use floating shelves to showcase greeting cards, seasonal varieties, etc., effectively. Placing the shelves at a convenient location makes it easier for shoppers to browse the items, encourages impulse buying, and allows store owners to add new items to their display without moving their standard supplies. It is easier to notice items displayed on floating shelves than floor-based fixtures because they tend to be at eye level.

Free-up Your Floor Space

Not only do floating shelves give a neat appearance to your store, but they also free up your floor space. So take advantage of these features and make your store look more organized, crowded, and cluttered. Having items out of the way and off the floor will give the buyers more space to maneuver without feeling crowded.

How Floating Shelf Slatwalls Can Save Space: Your Best Option

If your small retail space feels cramped, floating shelves can be your best option since they have small footprints, thus opening up your retail space and giving your customers more room without compromising your merchandise displays.

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