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Migrating Outlook PST Files to Office 365 Online

A Smart Solution for Migrating Outlook PST Files to Office 365 Online

Do you want to import multiple Outlook PST files to Office 365 online through manual approach? But, sometimes users may become failed. Now, let us compare two different methods, i.e., Office 365 PST migration and Network upload. In addition to this, find out which one is better for Microsoft Outlook to Office 365 migration.”

In today’s era, Office 365 comes under the superior email platform for delivering some advanced services. It is a complete package that contains O365 (Outlook 365) or OWA (Outlook Web Access). It is the online version of the Outlook desktop application and can be accessed from anywhere in the network connection. Because of this many large or medium-sized organization switching from desktop to web i.e., Outlook to Office 365 online. Although, the old Outlook emails will be required in Office 365 account. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss a complete method to migrate Outlook PST files to Office 365 online account.

User’s Query to Convert PST file to Office 365 Online

Let us consider the following scenario, which helps to understand the conversion process:

“I am a software engineer and lately my company purchased an Office 365 Enterprise plan. Now, it’s my responsibility to migrate all Outlook PST files into Office 365 online account. In fact, my company has more than 100 PST files and it’s impossible to perform the bulk conversion by using the manual method, i.e., Network Upload. I even tried this approach, but it takes very much time to move a single PST in Office 365 account. So, we cannot wait for so long to perform PST to O365 conversion. Can anyone suggest me an instant solution for migrating PST files to Office 365 online account efficiently? Any relevant help would be appreciated.”

Reliable Approach to Convert Outlook PST Files to Office 365 Online

When the organization requires to import PST files to Office 365 account, the first approach comes into mind is Network Upload. But, some consequences are associated with this approach. Let’s consider the above scenario where a company wants to import multiple Outlook PST files into O365. With the help of Network Upload, users can transfer a small amount of data. After a deep research, it is found many organizations do not want to spend much time on the same process.

Thus, to overcome the limitation of a manual approach, it is highly recommended to take the help of Office 365 Import PST tool. With this utility, users can import multiple PST files to Office 365 account without certain technical skills. It is capable enough to migrate all items like emails, contacts, calendars to Office 365 online. Moreover, it equips an option include/ exclude deleted or sent items folder while migrating PST files to Office 365 suite.

Now, the next question comes in everyone’s mind why users prefer automated method over manual methods. Hence, the answer to this question is mentioned below.

Why Users Switch Over to Office 365 Import Tool?

There are so many advanced features of Office 365 PST migration tool that is not in the Network Upload method. Please have a look:

  • Network Upload approach requires good technical skills about the whole procedure. Moreover, lots of permissions have required that need to be granted by admin before using this workaround. In any case, if an admin leftover single permission, this process cannot be produced. Whereas, the Office 365 Import PST tool requires Impersonation permission and also perform PST to Office 365 migration quickly.
  • In manual solution, users have to follow a lengthy process that seriously minds scratching. Although, the automated O365 PST migration tool requires a few clicks and the complete process takes place without any interruption
  • Manual method takes many hours to import PST data (in TB) in Azure storage. After that, the entire data will be moved to O365 mailbox from Azure storage around 24 GB per day. If there will be a lack of internet connection during conversion, users have to start this process again from the starting point.
    Otherwise, Office 365 Import tool can directly import PST files in Office 365 mailboxes within just a few minutes. In case your internet suddenly breaks, users can Pause the ongoing process and resume it from that point again where it has stopped.
  • Network Upload approach cannot preserve 300+ nested folder hierarchy during Outlook PST to Office 365 migration. But, Office 365 Import tool ensures to retain the complete folder hierarchy of Outlook mailbox after importing PST into Office 365 mailboxes.
  • In any case, when PST file consists of a large number of data items (approx. 150 MB), then it will be terminated in Network upload method. This method is only present in the United States, Australia, UK, East Asia, India, Canada, Brazil, Europe, the Republic of Korea, and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, Office 365 Import software is now available worldwide.
  • Using Office 365 PST migration tool, one can easily include or exclude Deleted & Sent Items folder while converting PST files to Office 365 account.

Time to Conclude

After considering the above scenario, we explained a reliable third-party solution, i.e., Office 365 Import PST solution. It is one of the best techniques to migrate Outlook PST files to Office 365 online account without any data loss. Furthermore, it offers various advanced features that help to import multiple PST files to Office 365 with the original folder structure.

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