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Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4: The City That Never Sleeps review

Spider-Man PS4 undoubtedly has been one of the favorite games of the year. As it is such a powerful and amazing game to put the hands-on, the new Spider-Man PS4’s DLC (downloadable content) is worth playing too. This is kind of a season pass known as Spider-Man PS4: The City That Never Sleeps. This season consists of three chapters: The Heist, Turf Wars, and Silver Lining.

The Heist was released in October 2018, Turf Wars in November and Silver Lining in late December. Honestly speaking, all of these are marvelous. But, before jumping to Spider-Man PS4: The City That Never Sleeps, do play the main game and finish it. It must be done because the game is set after the main game events and this is what makes the game interesting. So, if you haven’t completed Spider-Man PS4 main game, you might feel little uncomfortable playing the DLC game. Just explore right prices of Spider-Man PS4 with amazing Amazon Coupons this season.

Chapters and story

Coming to the chapters of Spider-Man PS4: The City That Never Sleeps, The Heist brings the Black Cat in the game like the super thief who is both friend and an enemy of Spider-Man. Black Cat works for villain Hammerhead and steals from families of crimes known as Maggie.

The second chapter Turf Wars is all about Hammerhead who steals a military gear from mercenary outfit Sable International. And, the last chapter Silver Lining brings back Sable International boss, Silver Sable who further join her hands with Spider-Man to get her tech gear from Hammerhead.

The plot of Spider-Man PS4: The City That Never Sleeps is one of the best and is very interesting. Though the game starts very slow with the first chapter, The Heist, the chapter finishes at a very great note. The game has one best thing- a fun relationship between Spider-Man and his allies.

Moreover, the side-story might seem pretty boring in between which you might have seen before. A new supervillain in Spider-Man, Screwball is a very powerful influencer and YouTuber in the game. This helps in turning EMP towers off within a particular timeframe. Though they have Photobombs-locations in the challenge area which will increase your score and they are similar to the Taskmaster missions of the main game.

Also, there are some brilliant plots in between like searching for the art stolen by the Black Cat’s father and more. Though many of them feel like padding, the game brings you to “explore the city” before information for the next main mission shows up. The thing you might not like is the silence between the main events of the game season which seems irritable and less natural.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, the game is young as ever bringing New York City a treat for the players. Though the game brings some appealing enemies when compared to the main game, Spider-Man PS4: The City That Never Sleeps’ flying and enemy gunners always keep you on the edge of the seat. This you can truly feel when you are encountering the final enemy of Silver Lining. You can also find some more interesting Games Series at good discounted prices with Flipkart Coupons.

Moreover, the adventurous games take you across the city from the Bar With No Name to New York City sewers.
The game costs Rs. 1,664 and it is worth playing if you are done with the main game and want more of Spider-Man. Though the storyline and dialogues act as pros of the game, the Screwball challenges and ire between the main missions might irritate you a bit.

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