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Robust, Little-Known Tech Tools Teachers Can Deploy

Learning is an instrumental part of any society since the prehistoric period. The advent of technology has increased accessibility to information and especially to college essay examples. In this article, I have listed the robust, little-known tech tools teachers can deploy.

Additionally, technology has increasingly become pivotal in the way learners get information and how educators teach. Such importance on online got amplified in the advent of covid-19 global health pandemic.

Online learning encompasses two critical components in engagement and efficiency, to which the absence of either component leads to ineffectiveness.

But since you have some familiarity with teaching students online for a while now, either as a blended approach or a standalone virtual one, it implies knowledge of some Google tools such as Flipgrid and Nearpod.

The tools prove incredible and crucial pillars to remote learning under these unprecedented times.

However, it becomes vital to acquaint yourself with lesser-known but equally critical tech tools as an educator. So why don’t you take a moment and consider these tools?

Powerful, Little-Known Tech Tools Educators Can Use


It is an interesting google extension that targets audio comments. The chrome extension enables the provision of audio feedback as personal, simple, and fast as possible.

It also allows you to use it with google docs, google classroom, google slides, etc. You can click the purple icon (Mote) to record and attach audio comments as feedback to students to a classroom or google docs.


The tool allows for a suave collaborative brainstorming, especially if you want students to work together. It has a collection of crucial tools such as walls and voting boards that allow collaboration.

As much as it has existed for a while, the tool incorporates new features and formats which prove valuable.


The tool facilitates video discussions that prove pivotal in student engagement, as opposed to preparing and sharing videos for asynchronous instruction. The latter can become too one-dimensional to the extent that students can become passive.

Instead, VideoAnt can allow students to incorporate their annotations and comments into a video and elevate the discussion level.


The tool is instrumental in increasing student engagement through educational games. As the educator, all you have to do entails setting the game before allowing students to join in through a specific code displayed on the instruction screen.

Learners have the option of playing in teams or independently. In addition, you can choose between picking a preloaded review game or creating a new one.

Kialo Edu

The tech tool fosters vigorous debate by having discussion boards in the virtual classroom. It proves an incredible tool for relaying instruction and building skills in critical thinking.

Students can participate by giving their evidence for claims in support or in opposition instead of commenting as a linear thread of discussion.


The tool incorporates rich interactions with the materials in the classroom. Unlike Kami, which proves valuable in marking PDFs, this tool has extra functionality that allows every party to add audio, text, video, or drawings to the uploaded content.


If you want to excel as an educator teaching your students online, these tech tools can become instrumental to your success as for assignment writing services. See what tool works best for you and incorporate it.

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