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Twitter Marketing Tips

Important Twitter Marketing Tips That Work (Plus Social Media Marketing Tools To Make Your Life Better)

Twitter is notably one of the biggest social media platforms widely used today by businesses. Curious to know why? Here are the advantages of using important Twitter marketing tips to get started.

Twitter is out there. You may either be an avid user who is very much aware of the app’s inner workings or a newbie who thinks of Twitter as just everyone’s public diary. It still is, but that is what makes Twitter so good at reaching audiences – you can easily find niche audiences here.

The numbers speak for themselves as well, With 217 million annual years after 2021, and the average time an individual Twitter user is on the app is 5.1 hours. It is a significant figure, and you can see why businesses would look towards twitter’s green pastures in hopes of business growth.

For a clearer view of Twitter’s marketing advantages for the business, we suggest that you consider the list below.

Advantages of Twitter

  • It is free to use.
  • It allows you to be up to date with events related to your business both locally and globally.
    Swift content marketing.
  • It provides you with a quick way to address your audience with any updates related to your business/company.
  • It is a flexible and robust search engine.

However, marketing on Twitter is no walk in the park. Its design is curated to circulate content at a faster pace, with 7000 tweets sent every second.

That is a lot to keep up with for both marketers and customers. So, you must be guided with the proper Twitter marketing tips and plan to get started.

Important Twitter Marketing Tips That Work

1. Entertainment Through Engagement

The best thing you can be on Twitter is to be fun. Twitter is somewhat radical in nature; it asks for you to have some personality, be a little controversial, and consistently entertaining to gain popularity. It may reflect millennials and Gen Z’s demand for gratification, but hey, what is best for business is best for business.

However, it does not mean you take a book on jokes and tweet one of them once in a while; forcing it a little may lead to disinterest rather than engagement. So, as hard as it may seem, you have to be a little smart to be funny.

A good way to start out being funny is through memes, which are the internet’s favorite snack. Netflix can be considered a master at this craft, and with the load of content they have, it is pretty understandable.

A notable tip is that you should be self-aware. Your products are not perfect, and your products have a purpose; creating jokes that allude to both will lead to engagement and top-tier humor. It is very evident on Chipotle’s account, which even goes as far as to call out customers who order a particular product. Talk about self-burn, or maybe sarcasm is just the best kind of humor. Either way, humor is key on Twitter, and you should be working on that if you feel lacking in that department.

2. Make The Most Out Of Your Images.

Twitter is not Instagram, we all know that, but this does not mean you can not use visuals to help capture your audience,

Images and visuals are always a good thing. We are in the business of marketing, so if you are announcing a product on Twitter, it is only fitting that you include an image.

Moreover, tweets with images receive 89% more favorites and likes, so an audience’s enthrallment of good visual content is not stripped when they use Twitter.

Taking a look at the WWF’s(World Wildlife Fund) Twitter account, they often include pictures that celebrate scientists, conservation efforts, or niche animal holidays and have photos of animals that they want to raise awareness about.

3. Influence With Influencers

It is more of a fundamental tip, but if you want to gain brand awareness quickly on social media, you should try contacting influencers that may be looking to strike a deal as well.

Influencer marketing is extensive on the scene now; with millions of followers, most of whom are very avid to trust these influencers’ endorsements, it is a fantastic way to reach new audiences. It also increases engagement and lead generation, with 60% of marketers believing that influencer marketing improves the performance of their product.

The California-based brand Rastaclat is big on endorsements from influencers. In their recent venture with Justin Bieber and Omah Lay, two big names in the music industry, popularity can only skyrocket.

4. Testimonials

New customers will always be doubtful about the quality of your product or service. Considering that they are doing business on social media, the chances of being scammed are much higher, and they will make a list of things to avoid that.

Of course, a direct counter to this is to have reviews from past customers who have already procured your product and tested it out. Whether it is positive or negative, reviews should always be available so that there is no mistrust between customers and sellers.

Luckily, Twitter can also serve as a review center because people will go to the app to specifically tweet about their satisfaction or distaste towards a product they have bought.

You, as a brand, should use this to your advantage, fishing for reviews around the platform and retweeting them. It allows the tweet to be more accessible to new customers. A good example would be the footwear brand Crocs, which often retweets the tweets of users who have an interest or a positive review of their product. However, they can be a little cocky, which all plays into the charm and humor of Twitter.

5. Squeeze In A CTA

One of Twitter’s best features is that it is a vocal platform. It is more likely to indulge in marketing through text or even video, and this is a prime opportunity to use CTAs appropriately.

CTA, or call-to-action, is a text or prompt that tempts customers to do a specific action. It does not necessarily mean it should be forceful or on a big slogan, but it can be sneaky or even a footnote. It can be of great help, though, since some followers only need a bit more incentive and push to invest in your product.

Cadbury UK once put out a tweet calling their followings for a simple retweet in exchange for inclusion into their CadburyDraw back in 2012 and a chance to win tickets from the Paralympics of that year. So, with a bit of incentive and a little ask, you can gain leads and engagement just like that.

For a CTA guide, you can use CTA’s such as

  • Visit our site
  • Click here
  • Download now
  • Follow us
  • Check out our sales

6. One Big Community

A great thing about Twitter is that it is like one big community. It may even be one big party; it depends on where you find yourself on the app.

One thing is for sure; it is not hard to find people and events on Twitter. You can mention your mutual or even a verified celebrity, and brand mention other brands. It often leads to tweet threads that gain a lot of engagement and controversies because, after all, it is not the typical day you see Dunkin’ Donuts converse to Wendy’s.

For example, Oreos took advantage of the time Justin Timberlake was using their ice cream machine and retweeted the video for double the engagement. You can also announce relationships and partnerships on Twitter, such as when Oreo would feature on an episode of NBC’s The Good Place. These little engagements make tweets much more exciting and give a reason for followers to keep themselves posted with whatever random interactions happen in the future.

7. Twitter Polls

Creating Polls is a great way to induce democracy. It is a concept that presents a win-win situation to any business that puts it forth. It allows audiences to have their voices and opinions heard while giving the business valuable insight.

Twitter acknowledges this, and in 2015, they introduced Twitter polls. The polls were flexible and accessible both on a desktop and on the mobile app; you could create one with up to 4 options and would be open for up to 7 days.

It was not long until Twitter users and brand accounts became creative with it, using it for personal questions or even product endorsement, occasionally laced with some humor.

With Twitter polls, you can do such things as:

  • Promote a product
  • Collect product feedback
  • Content feedback and suggestions
  • Connect with followers
  • Gain market information
  • Learn more things from your audience.

A good example of how to use Twitter polls come from Denny’s, who, back in 2017, put out a poll that asked followers which item on the product they most craved on Sundays. Moreover, Amazon made a poll back in 2016 which allowed followers to choose what kind of content they wanted to see more.

8. Do Not Forget Hashtags.

If we talk about social media commerce and marketing, we can not forget about hashtags. They are a quick and easy way to spread awareness of your brand, and it is a rapidly-growing web of self-marketing achieved by only placing a number sign before a niche topic.

Tweets with hashtags generally get much more engagement, and though this creates the idea that more hashtags equal engagement, this is not the case.

When using hashtags, keep them minimal but effective. The more hashtags you use, the more crowded and forceful you will look. For reference, tweets with more than two hashtags have a 17% drop in engagement.

It would be best to give your audience a reason to click on your hashtags. For example, Etihad Airways gave its followers a chance to win four flights in 4 years if they tweeted #EtihadFreeFlights. It creates excellent interest while making new audiences come in and take their chances.

Last but not least  

You may have come across negative comments about Twitter bots, or Twitter has claimed that it is against bots, but there are bots like the v-User Twitter Bot that act like a human and you won’t face any problems using it. For example, this bot follows your desired contacts, likes their posts, and leaves comments for them so that the attention of these contacts is drawn to your page, as a result of which, they get encouraged to visit your page and follow you if they wish.

These activities increase the engagement rate of your page and make you experience significant growth in a short period of time, especially if you have just launched your page. In this case, advertising and other ways will not help you much because you still do not have many followers and your content will simply not be noticed and discovered by others. The bot can help you get your page seen to reach an acceptable level by performing automated interactive activities. Therefore, we recommend that if you are just starting out, you should definitely use safe Twitter bots like the v-User Twitter Follower Booster Bot. To see the features of this bot and use its demo version, visit the v-User website. 


Now that we have gone through the Twitter marketing tips, we move on to the many automation tools that assist you with curating content that can stir audiences quicker.

Tools To Help You Create Content On Twitter



One of our Twitter marketing tips included creating and taking the best images to couple with your tweets. It sounds easy, but in reality, you can easily overlook the quality of an image, even more so if you want it to go well with a tweet. If you need a proper editing tool, Pixelixe is right there for you.

Pixelixe is a flexible graphic automation tool that allows you to generate images on the fly without worrying about resolution and dimension because it has got it covered with its Design Set Builder, which was made to alleviate social media platform restrictions. It is an all-in-one package that is aware of your problems and navigates through them seamlessly, so it has got to be a deal if you want to create quality banners, images, and infographics.

Text Blaze

Text Blaze

You will operate as a business on Twitter, which entails a lot of customer service and handling inquiries. Moreover, there will even be casual threads you will be engaged in, so it is only fitting that you find a way to make replies and communication faster. Text Blaze is a clear-cut solution for this.

Text Blaze allows you to snip any given text and give it a shortcut; this makes you save time and also provides consistency. It is easy to navigate and allows collaboration, so whether you are working as a team or individually, Text Blaze will help lift a boulder or two.



If you want good visuals that can capture an audience, then you will stumble upon the task of removing backgrounds down the line. It is a hefty task, something even professionals can struggle with if they do not have the patience. However, with Removal.AI, you can forego professionals because this will do it all for you in a flash.

Removal.AI is an automation tool made for removing backgrounds, and it does so precisely and swiftly. A task that could take a solid 15-30 minutes can be done in just a few seconds, so this may be a no-brainer if you are in the business of creating visuals for your social media.

Post Planner

Post Planner

We may have skipped this tip in the list above, but with Twitter, the key to success is to tweet consistently. By consistently, we mean every day always. Circulating Twitter posts can be a daunting task, especially if you are a marketer, since it may just fly over your conscience if you are having a slow day. Yet, why should you worry when you have Post Planner?

Post Planner is all you ever need to post on social media. Post Planner automates your posting schedule when you set it on desired dates on the calendar. It is like queuing songs on the ride back home, but only days or months ahead! The spoils do not end there because Post Planner will also generate or edit our posts depending on the social media you operate on. So not only is this God-tier automation for Twitter, but E-commerce in general.



A thing to remember when you are building your business is the concept of vector images. You may be new to this term, but it is crucial to crafting professionalism and consistency across your brand. Vector images ensure that the quality of your banners, visuals and even logos are consistent without a speck of jumbled pixel anywhere. It may be confusing, but not to worry, because DrawKit has your back.

DrawKit is vector heaven, with free and editable vector images all at your disposal. Whether for social media, an infographic, or even a school project, it has thousands upon thousands of vector images all waiting for you. DrawKit ensures consistency, so if that is what you are looking for, and you should be, then DrawKit is definitely worth the try.



If you want to create a specific style for your brand, then DesignStripe is the place to be. With hand-crafted, dynamic, and niche themes in store, you can find something that fits your taste and the mood of your brand. DesignStripe will ensure that your theme’s color palette, spacing, and complexity are right. If an interior design ever manifested into an app, then this may just be it.

Learnings And Takeaways

Twitter has proven to be a unique and lively platform to market your business. It can allow you to easily sway followers with a newfound personality because if there is one thing that you need to be on Twitter, it is to be fun. Yet, fun is only the cover of an even deeper business opportunity. That is being able to personally connect and interact with your customers as it has never been before. So, you might want to start on that long road to Twitter fame.

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