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How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Provider?

Are you going online for the first time?


Are you tired of choosing the wrong web hosting provider?

This article will help everyone who is struggling to decide which hosting provider should they select. While selecting a hosting partner we all look for a long-lasting and trusted partner, that can help us through all the phases of a business.

There are many hosting providers available, but choosing one from them totally depends on you. Instead of just picking up a random partner by its name, you shall consider matching your requirements with the provider’s offerings. We suggest also you read about A2 Hosting Reviews with Page Speed & Uptime Data



Here are some points that you need to follow so that you will end up selecting the best web hosting provider.

1) Understand Server Types –

As a beginner, there is not always a need for a high-end hosting type. The types of hosting are divided on the basis of server types and their resource allocations. In shared hosting, multiple websites get shared on a single server and thus resources are also shared among them. In dedicated hosting, all websites get separate server space and dedicated resources to used by them only. In VPS hosting, the website may get shared on a common space but it gets dedicated resources. Thus VPS is known as a combination of shared and dedicated hosting.

If you are using WordPress platform then WordPress hosting is the only and best option. In case you are having an eCommerce website, then Magento hosting could be your perfect solution. For large businesses (mature businesses) I suggest using cloud hosting.

If you looking for side business option then reseller hosting is all you need. In case you are already a web developer/designer and have a good number of customers, then UK reseller hosting allows you to do so. Just create your own hosting plans and start them selling under your brand name.

2) Gather Your Website Requirements –

What is the purpose of your website? What will you be doing with it? The right web hosting provider will suggest you the platforms and tools that you can use to fulfill the website’s requirements. They take into consideration that your site should get adequate storage, speed, and reliability. So, before buying any hosting plan, make sure you discuss with the provider whether you want an online store, or are just willing to write a blog. Accordingly, they will suggest you the perfect hosting plan.

3) Consider Your Website Building Options –

Developing a website comes before selecting any web hosting plan, only if you are getting it ready from the third party. Yes, you have the option to develop a website from any third party or on your own. You might think that only coders or people with good knowledge of programming languages can build a website. But, it is not the actual case. There’s a tool called ‘website builder’ that allows you to create a website of your choice in a few easy steps. To create a website using a site builder tool, all you have to do is select a theme and place your content in it. Yes, it is that simple. To use this tool, you do not need any coding knowledge and can still create a personal blog or a professional website. There are some web hosting companies that provide site builder tool for free. So, if you are planning to save your development cost and want to create a website within a short time then the site builder is a good option for you.

Watch this video to create a website in minutes using a site builder tool :

4) Estimate The Traffic Coming To Your Website –

I agree, in the beginning, it gets difficult to decide how much traffic can come to your website, and it is ok. But, to do so, you can do some research to find the expected visitors by asking some experts or your friends. This is not so important but it still is good to know this number, so that you will be able to decide the type of hosting and the plan.

Bandwidth is important for any type and size of a website. So, if you are unable to estimate the traffic beforehand you can make sure that you buy an unlimited bandwidth with the unlimited web hosting plan. Unlimited bandwidth can accommodate the traffic on the new website very easily making a website to perform well on the internet.

5) Go With The Portable Content Management System –

Though most of the hosting companies take very good care of their customer’s data, miss-happening doesn’t come with any reason. Buying a web hosting plan from any provider doesn’t mean you should be dependent on them. Always have the practice of taking a backup after frequent times.

Many people use WordPress, for this reason only. It is a content management system that runs on any platform. It does regular updates and takes site backups so that your site access doesn’t get lost. In case you don’t want to use WordPress look for the hosting provider that offers backup service as well.

These are some basic parameters you need to consider while selecting the best web hosting provider.

Conclusion –

You may have seen most of the hosting companies claims that they are the best in the market. But, to make a wise decision I suggest you talk to their support or sales team and see how do they treat you and solve your problem. Also always look for 24/7/365 days of technical support and at least 99% Uptime.

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