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Convert Web Pages Into PDF Using PDFBear Online

The infinite demands of this fast-paced corporate world have caused most people to shift their usual ways from conventional to digital. Whether you are a young or old professional, computer literate or not, you have to adapt to these modern changes and keep up with the demands. For starters, you must first learn and understand the full potential of PDFs. These PDFs are foreseen to last another one hundred years because of its complex yet easy-to-use design. When people needed the most convenient file format for more comfortable document print and share, PDF came and made everyone’s lives easier. Having any of your files in this format is a good practice, but how do you do it?

Why Convert HTML To PDF

In the starting phase of PDFs, they can only be converted from other file formats or vice-versa only when technical professionals are involved. Only IT experts were able to manage these conversion processes as it was totally complicated.  Lucky for you, we now have PDFBear, a free online tool to solve your problems. So why do we have to convert HTML to PDF?


If there are significant contents you want to save from your webpages for offline checking, later on, converting them to PDF is quite an intelligent move. Also, maintaining the document’s quality is best achieved when converted to PDF. This is the most convenient and straightforward way for you to review the webpage as it was only in document form.

Steps in HTML to PDF Conversion

The steps in HTML to PDF conversion are straightforward to follow. Your time is efficiently saved, and so are your efforts. Provided that you have an adequate internet connection, you can perform these conversion tasks effortlessly. We suggest using the free online PDFBear converter tool. Within less than 30 seconds, Convert Web Pages Into PDF for free!

Go to PDFBear’s home page and select the “HTML to PDF” option. Chrome, Edge, and Safari web browsers are more recommended for this one.

  • Open the webpage you want to get the HTML from, copy its link from the address bar, and then paste it on PDFBear’s converter box.
  • PDFBear will Convert Web Pages Into PDF in less than 15 seconds. Conversion speed may also vary on your internet speed.
  • You can now download your PDF document and save it to your computer disk or Google Drive. You can also copy the file URL for online sharing.


You can now share your file more conveniently as it is in PDF. Despite sending it to different devices and operating systems, your recipient will always receive the exact same file you sent in the first place. PDFs are also compact by nature, making them ideal for webmail transmission. For other PDF conversions, you can check out more on PDFBear.

PDFBear’s Extra Protection

Another objective of Convert Web Pages Into PDF is to gain better file protection. Provided that PDFs also have the feature to password-protect, your webpage’s confidential information can be protected from prying eyes. PDFBear also offers the “Protect PDF” feature to lock your PDf documents with a complex password.


Also, the files you upload and convert in PDFBear are well-protected with its secure SSL connection. They are deleted right after every operation to ensure that no hackers or unwanted viewers can access your files.

In A Nutshell

HTML to PDF has never been this easy! With PDFBear, you can achieve both safety and accuracy. Their state-of-the-art conversion tool and security systems make PDFBear the ideal choice for any PDF user. Take advantage of their free complete set of tools and learn them now!

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