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Planning Major Changes To Your Property

Planning Major Changes To Your Property: A Guide

Hey guys, today in this article, we are going to discuss planning major changes to your property. So keep reading.

Homeowners with aspirations to radically change their property will be well aware of the enormity of the task in front of them. Often, large projects will include a wide variety of stakeholders, including builders, designers, architects, and the local authority and legal professionals who will help ensure your work is legal and conforms to regulations. All of this requires planning skills and a knowledge of just what it takes to make these projects a success. This short guide offers tips to help you achieve your aspirations for your property.

Planning Major Changes To Your Property: A Guide

Legal Route

Before you begin work on the planning stage of your renovation, extension, or remodel, you’re going to need to make sure that what you have planned is legal and conforms to regulations. That will usually mean submitting a proposal to your local authority; though you may not need to go through this stage if the developer you’re working with is confident that your plans are within the limits posed by regulations. Make sure you have a clear legal route to your large project. Otherwise, you could find yourself slapped with penalties and court cases later down the line.


Grand visions require smart design planning, and this can be conducted on your own or with professionals from the property development and interior design lines of business. These experts are there to help you visualize the designs you have in mind, and they’ll do that with a variety of methods, including walking around your home in person to point out some of their ideas or using computer-generated images to show you how the project might look upon completion. If you’d like to communicate your own ideas, you can also create a site plan that demonstrates what it is that you’re after from your property redevelopment project. Learn how to create your very own site plan that you can use to show developers how you’d like your project to look.


Now that you have an idea of the feasibility of your plans; it’ll be time to think about just how much cash you’re going to have to set aside to cover all the fees associated with your project. This will include the labor and materials you’re going to use to realize your project; but also all of the associated costs of hiring the machinery and working with consultants and other experts. Often, those redesigning a house for the first time will be working alongside an expert who will be able to deliver a relatively accurate budget prediction that you can use as a guide to the amount of cash you need to set aside. Make sure you have the means to pay for the project; even if it means taking out a loan in the short to medium term.

Your Family

Most major home projects will mean relatively major disruption for families who are living in the home. You should factor this in when you’re planning around the practical implications of your project. Some families choose to move into the half of their home that is not under reconstruction; but this can be intolerable if the work is noisy and constant for a number of weeks or months. Alternatives, such as living in an on-site mobile home or moving in with friends and family, should be considered. You don’t want to cost your family sleep for weeks on end, and you want to be able to continue your lifestyle as much as possible despite the work taking place in your home.


As your project begins, you’ll want to be on-site at least once a week to check how things are going. Being in the loop on your project will help you avoid unpleasant surprises; such as a hike in the fees that you are charged or any snags that are hit in the process of the redevelopment. Your presence on the site is also a sign of respect to the workers there; you can bring snacks and drinks to motivate them in the task at hand. Monitoring is most important for those who want every little detail to match their requests or for those who would like to know how the progress of the project is lining up with predictions of cost and duration.

Making major changes to a home is expensive, disruptive, and ambitious. It requires careful planning to pull it off successfully; which means concentrating on the small details before you bring in the personnel to make your aspirations a reality. This short guide to planning major changes to your property highlights how you can do that.

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